AISA’s screen printers family grew with three new models

Date: 15 November 2001
Source: AISA
Screen printing machine GHS 200:The Model GHS 200 has been developed with a basic concept: the two glasses running on the line parallel to each other must be independent.

That is the only way to maintain AISA’s standard printing repeatability of ñ 0,15 mm. Because the machine must be able to compensate somehow the possible imprecision of screen manufacturing. Since the artwork has to be done on the same screen for both glasses. The concept to center the glass instead of the frame make it possible to have two completely independent glasses, and you will not have to be afraid of the quality of the screen anymore.

Rotary screen printing:
AISA succeeded in manufacturing a very high speed machine (one or two glasses every 3 seconds), compact in size that can keep up with the fastest tempering furnaces. The machine is composed of a drum where the screen is mounted, with a fine adjustment system in order to regulate the interference between the glass and the screen, and a belt where the glass is laid. The rotation speed of the belt and the drum are mechanically perfectly synchronized in order to avoid any possible slippage between the squeegee and the glass.

Screen printing machine AM 232:
This new machine is thought to fulfil the needs of all the companies that cannot afford a big investment because the production volume is not so high. It is therefore ideal for bullet proof glass manufacturers, spare parts and architectural glass manufacturer. The machine can print glasses up to a dimension from 150 X 300 mm to 2000 mm with a remarkable cycle time of 15-20”, and maintains all the basic concepts of AISA’s screen printing machines. The auto-centering devices are located on the printing table itself in order to have a simple layout, and can be integrated both with manual or automatic loading system, or in a complete line with drying oven.

Company info:
AISA was founded in 1977 and is situated in Ticengo, 60 km from Milan, Italy. Now, to the new 6000 sqm premises where nowadays the activities are done, a new 6000 sqm building is coming alongside, within next year.

600450 AISA’s screen printers family grew with three new models
Date: 15 November 2001
Source: AISA

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