AGC to Release Fluon® LM-ETFE LH-8000 for New Application Areas

The low-melting adhesive fluoropolymer offers a new bonding option - AGC, a world-leading manufacturer of glass, chemicals and high-tech materials, announces that it will start the sales of low-melting adhesive fluoropolymer, Fluon® LM-ETFE LH-8000 on October 1, 2015.

Fluon® LM-ETFE LH-8000 is the latest product of AGC’s Fluon® LM-ETFE AH series (see next page for details), adhesive fluoropolymers with the ability to bond with other materials.While retaining the excellent properties of the AH series, Fluon® LM-ETFE LH-8000 has achieved the lowest melting point of 180℃and the widest processing temperature range of between 200℃ and 350℃among AGC’s Fluon®ETFE product lineup.

< Advantages >

  • Excellent adhesion to general-purpose resins and other materials with low-processing temperatures
  • Allowing co-extrusion with multiple materials in a single molding process (see next page for details)
  • Corrosive off-gas levels at melt processing are very low, reducing damage to the molding equipment

Processing temperature range

Low-melting Fluon® LM-ETFE LH-8000 will open new markets for adhesive fluoropolymer products that have so far been used mainly in automotive fuel hose systems.

New Application Targets (existing applications underlined):

Tubes & hoses (ink tubes, chemicals tubes, air pressure hoses, fuel hoses),

chemical bags, anti-stick conveyor belts, films (film for steel plate laminates, interlayer insulation film for electronic substrates), multi-layer monofilament, etc.

Under the management policy, AGC plus, AGC strives to develop new products with added value. Leveraging its long-established fluorochemical technology, AGC will continue delivering high value-added products to global markets.

< Reference >

■What is Fluon® ETFE?

Fluon® ETFE, developed by AGC, is a copolymer comprising of tetrafluoroethylene (C2F4) and ethylene

(C2H4). It is a thermoplastic fluoropolymer with excellent moldability.

Fluon® ETFE product lineup

◆ Fluon® ETFE: Thermoplastic fluoropolymer

・Fluon® LM-ETFE: Low-melting thermoplastic fluoropolymer

・Fluon® LM-ETFE AH series: Adhesive thermoplastic fluoropolymer

・ Fluon® LM-ETFE LH-8000: Low-melting adhesive thermoplastic fluoropolymer

◆ Fluon® ETFE Film

■What is Fluon® LM-ETFE AH series?

Fluon® LM-ETFE AH series is a thermoplastic fluoropolymer with an adhesive ability enabling meltbonding to other materials such as nylon, while maintaining anti-stick property as original feature of fluoropolymer. Multilayer molding with strong adhesion can be completed in a process without specific adhesives or surface treatments, thereby providing various advantages such as productivity advancement by simplified process, and cost reduction by thinning fluoropolymer layer.

*Fluon®ETFE AH series website:

■Fluon® LM-ETFE LH-8000 photos


Application examples (illustration)

■Molding example: Two-layer tube molding by co-extrusion method

An example of co-extrusion for two-layer tube. Fluon® LM-ETFE LH-8000 can be co-extruded with one or more types of materials.

600450 AGC to Release Fluon® LM-ETFE LH-8000 for New Application Areas
Date: 1 October 2015

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