ACS-1 Smoke and Acoustic Perimeter Seal

Date: 29 November 2016
ACS-1 Smoke and Acoustic Perimeter Seal
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ACS-1 the enhanced smoke and acoustic seal created by Mann McGowan, features three separate air pockets to provide outstanding acoustic performance.

With its rigid ‘L’ shaped PVC backing complete with self adhesive tape and a soft rubber fin protruding from each corner and an additional semi circular rubber seal providing a buffer stop to the corner of the door leaf.

The buffer seal acts as a protection to the two rubber wings from long term damage.

ACS-1 Smoke and Acoustic Perimeter Seal


  • Enhanced smoke and acoustic seal
  • Surface fixed to door frame with fitted self adhesive tape
  • Unique design protects against long term damage to seal
  • Noise reduction up to 39dB achievable
  • Successfully tested for cold smoke sealing
  • Available in a standard length of 2100mm, lengths of up to 3000mm on request
  • Available in a range of colours to suit application

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Threshold Seals

Noise pollution is proving to be an increasing problem in today’s society. Mann McGowan’s range of threshold seals provide complete acoustic, smoke, dust, insect and ambient weather protection.

Importantly, these seals can be used in conjunction with Mann McGowan’s intumescent seals to provide complete protection against fire and ingress of smoke and cut heat loss and eliminate cold draughts measurably reducing energy usage.



  • High quality aluminium threshold seal
  • Seals gaps up to 18mm
  • Simple to fit with slide and click mechanism
  • Excellent noise-reducing performance up to 50dB
  • Easy to adjust using slot head screwdriver
  • 60 minute fire rating
  • Successfully tested for cold smoke sealing
  • Available in lengths of 630, 930, 1030 and 1130mm
  • Optional end plates and cover plates available

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600450 ACS-1 Smoke and Acoustic Perimeter Seal
Date: 29 November 2016

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