Why double glazing will never go out of fashion

Date: 15 February 2017
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Why double glazing will never go out of fashion
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Date: 15 February 2017

Double glazing is the practice of using two panes of glazing within your home’s windows as opposed to one.

Having first undergone a surge in popularity almost 50 years ago here in the UK, double glazing has now grown to become all but standard practice for any homeowner hoping to make the most of the very best comfort and remove pesky cold spots for good.

Even though additional triple glazing practices have since come along, double glazing isn’t likely to go out of fashion thanks to its superior affordability and more drastic initial effect.


Double Glazing: Here to stay for the foreseeable future

For those not in the know, double glazing is essentially the practice of using two panes of glazing within your home’s windows as opposed to one.

The idea is that this enables an inert gas to be sandwiched within the two layers to provide twice the insulation. This not only reduces the likelihood of condensation build up and discomfort, but prevents the heat that would naturally seep through from escaping.

It’s remained popular for half a decade mainly due to the large number of benefits it introduces without the need to break the bank.

Capable of being integrated within almost any style of window or door be it traditional or contemporary, it’s a wholly flexible process that is swift to perform for literally years of increased comfort, security, and improved aesthetics.


A small change that makes a big difference in comfort

For such a subtle and simple upgrade, double glazing introduces a whole wealth of benefits. From better acoustic insulation that’s ideal for those situated alongside noisy residential roads to reduced solar glare that helps keep your furniture, carpet, and paintings free from sun damage, no modern home should be left without the advantages they bring. Here are just some:

  • Limits the build-up of condensation
  • Energy cost savings
  • Better sound insulation
  • Additional safety and protection from intruders
  • Prevents the escape of precious heat
  • Reduces the risk of sun damage to internal furnishings


An affordable home solution that can actually save you money!

Why double glazing will never go out of fashionTriple glazing is often criticised for having a limited effect when improving upon existing double glazing, but the initial impact double glazing has upon a singular glazed unit is undeniable, especially when you consider it’s potential to save UK homeowners money as well as energy.

With double glazing, because heat will be retained, there’ll be less need for you to switch on the central heating and use unnecessary electric – leading to reduced bills.

As a basic example, replacing a completely single glazed detached house with A rated double glazing such as that provided by the team here at Newview has the potential to save you £160 a year.

So if you have other home improvements in mind and wish to reap the rewards in the long run, double glazing make a lot of sense.


Click HERE to read more about Doube Glazing.

Introduction to Double Glazing

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