Switchable Glass passes 1,000,000 switch milestone

Date: 7 December 2013
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Date: 7 December 2013

Prepare the fireworks and parade, we have an announcement to make regarding the reliability and quality of our Privacy and Solar switchable glass products!

A claim often mentioned in our industry is that the technology involved in switchable glass has been tested in excess of over 1,000,000 cycles. This number originates from some of the suppliers of the raw materials involved, hence its widespread publication.

Here at Smartglass, not content with going along with the rest of the crowd, we decided to test this in-house on our own Privacy Smartglass and Solar Smartglass products and the results are in! Drumroll please…

After 289 days or 6,936 hours or 416,160 minutes, our two life cycle analysis panels have passed the 1,000,000 switch mark without any change to the panel quality whatsoever. If we take it that, on average, a switchable glass panel is switched on/off 4 times a day, this equates to a 684 year life span! A pretty astonishing result – not that any of us will be around to check in the year 2697!

We’re delighted to introduce you to the marathon-switchers below!


Smartglass International can formally state that our products, Privacy Smartglass and Solar Smartglass, have been personally tested in excess of 1,000,000 cycles without any change to the panel quality.

Our apostle-like dedication to quality and reliability have helped us win some of the most prestigious switchable glass projects worldwide including Microsoft’s HQ – Portugal, the Kempinski Grand & Ixir – Bahrain, the CERN Globe of Science and Innovation – Switzerland, and the Rothschild Investment Bank – London, amongst many many more.

If you would like to see some stunning hi-res images and case studies, please head over to our Projects Page, or if you would like to find out more and arrange a quotation, please head over to our Contacts Page and get in touch!

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