Growth Market for Interior Glass

Date: 12 August 2010

Date: 12 August 2010

In the design of interior spaces, glass is taking on an increasingly prevalent role. Offering numerous new products, innovative refining techniques and stepped-up information activities, the glass industry has successfully opened the door to this major market segment.

When it comes to sophisticated design of interior spaces, there is hardly an area that cannot be refined through the use of glass products. For years, the industry has been expanding its product range for this important market.

By offering individual solutions, it can create attractive interior designs for each taste. The response is definitely positive. Modernity, a high degree of functionality and maximum design freedom are attributes connected with the building material glass in the interior design of the 21st century.


Glass stairwells create highest levels of transparency. The steps made of laminated safety glass offer maximum safety. Picture: ClimapluslusSecurit-Partner / Ettl

Individualized Design Options

Glass is a trendy material. Comparable to the development of building shells, there is a continuing trend towards transparency in the design of interior spaces in the construction of commercial and private buildings. Glass is a construction material that can meet these challenges perfectly and, in addition, can take on many other functions.

One would be hard pressed to find another material as versatile. Glass creates light-flooded rooms and can be customized in a variety of ways: translucent, opaque or with individually designed surfaces. The multitude of available material configurations allows for the use of glass in ceilings, walls and floors. The products comply with the highest safety requirements and are easy to maintain.


Modern interior designers want the bathroom to convey a certain attitude towards life. Sophisticated glass shower systems are playing a major role. Picture: MWE

Broad Product Range

The multitude of the aforementioned product advantages and many new, creative ideas coming from the glass industry are important building blocks for the growing popularity of glass products in interior design. Over the past years, nearly all suppliers on the market have expanded their product portfolios to include design options for interior spaces. While alternative materials are losing ground in interior design, glass is continuing to conquer new areas of application.

Increasing numbers of private residences rely on glass to create a sophisticated atmosphere. The material is used in stairways, revolving and sliding doors, wall mirrors, ceilings, floors, panels and shower cabins. In office buildings, reception desks and entrance lobbies made of glass are synonymous with modern ambience. In open-plan offices, meeting rooms with glass walls emphasise the open work climate, and those wanting a special eye-catcher use large-scale artwork made of glass to beautify their buildings.


Multilayer glass with fabric inserts offers new design opportunities. Razor thin textiles are laminated with PVB foils. Picture: Christalux Kirchberger Glas

A major contribution to the positive development is made by the suppliers of accessories. The fitting manufacturers in particular are contributing high innovative power. Glass fittings are no longer used only as fastening elements. On the contrary, they have become design elements in their own right. Perfectly aligned with the requirements of glass construction, state-of-the -art fitting technology not only ensures the correct positioning and simple operation of glass construction, but also adds value to the overall picture through modern design and top-quality surfaces.


Glass walls and panels are becoming increasingly popular. By using varnished glass, they can be coordinated with the colour concept of the building. Picture: AGC Glass Europe

Successful Market Cultivation

The trend towards glass in interior design has many fathers. Glass refiners have recognized the major potential of this lucrative material and have put their creativity to the test by developing a baffling product range with an enormous scope of applications. This development was also driven by the advance of new refining technologies.

Digital print, varnishing and bending technologies, as well as high-performance and flexible machinery for highly efficient edging work allow for serial production as well as the economic manufacturing of individual one-of-a-kind pieces.

A further central building block of the success story is the strong commitment of the companies in the area of customer acquisition. By now, architectural seminars have become a fixed component in the marketing concepts of all medium-sized and industrial operations. This offer is used intensively because modern construction design cannot do without glass. One has to know what the market offers.

With the aid of lavishly designed information brochures, customers are informed about the possibilities of interior design with glass. During trade fairs and in-house events and exhibitions, companies also offer individual consultation. This increased exposure pays off and is sustainable, as well. It creates interest and boosts the multiplier effect.


Glass partition walls can also be designed as large-scale sliding systems without any visible fittings. Picture: Hawa AG Schiebebeschlagsysteme

glasstec 2010 Presents the Latest Developments

glasstec 2010, held this year from 28 September to 01 October, offers a comprehensive overview of the current offer range of glass products for interior design. The international trade fair of the glass industry is the major international platform for the presentation of glass innovations and will present the entire product range.

In addition to highly efficient functional glass for building shells, glass machinery, glass refining and the complete accessory segment, glass products and the corresponding fittings for interior design are amongst the hot trade fair topics. In the Düsseldorf exhibition halls, international industrial and medium-sized operations as well as individual craftsmen show their latest developments and offer an incomparably complete picture of the current developments on the market.


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