What is Smart Glass?

If you are in the market to replace your windows, you have probably come across something called smart glass.

You have probably come across the word a few times but never took the time to investigate.  Smart glass (also known as switchable glass, magic glass, switchable windows, and electronic glass) is, basically, the glass of your dreams.Wouldn’t you love to have windows that allow light through when you want and reduce it when you want—without the need for curtains and blinds? That’s exactly what smart glass does!

There are different types of smart glass (electrochromic, photochromic, thermochromic, suspended particle, micro-blind, and liquid crystal devices) but they all use various scientific principles to create the same effect: controlled light transfer. It is like having windows that can, at the push of a button, become tinted. Push the button again and you are right back to traditional windows. Say goodbye to heavy drapes and ugly blinds. Say goodbye to unwanted drafts and sweltering summer heat. Smart windows not only reduce light when you want, but they also reduce heat when you want. This means they can lower your heating and cooling costs in the winter and summer months.

If you have been toying around with the idea of trying something different with your windows, consider smart glass. It offers a more contemporary, natural look to any room, and it is sure to brighten up your living space by allowing refreshing sunlight to flood the room—when you want it to at least. If you are married to the idea of traditional curtains (maybe you just like the look of them) you can always put curtains over smart windows. They’ll still work just the same, and you still get your traditional looks and feel. What is there to lose other than drafts and high heating and cooling bills?

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