Veteco: BOHLE presents XtraClean, to clean surfaces gently but effectively

Veteco: BOHLE presents XtraClean, to clean surfaces gently but effectively
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Date: 1 August 2018

Graffiti on the façade? Scale in machines? Stubborn dirt? Effective and gentle cleaning is a matter of using the right product.

XtraClean cleaning paste from BOHLE contains a completely new formula: the product achieves a high degree of effectiveness and is gentle at the same time thanks to the finest microparticles, essential oils and surfactants. It is even effective against hard dirt layers, such as varnish residues or rust, without damaging the surface when cleaning.

Due to millions of microparticles, XtraClean is able to remove deposits, stains or rust from glass, stainless steel, ceramics, slab joints and other hard surfaces. It even acts efficiently against splashes of concrete and oil layers and makes dirty machines look almost new.

The surfactants support the cleaning action of the particles which in turn increase the solubility of grease stains. The essential oils that are released during cleaning are another support factor in the cleaning process. The higher the temperature during cleaning, the more essential oils are released and the more effective the cleaning paste is.

XtraClean does not contain chemical additives, it is free of acids and aggressive ingredients or bleaching agents. The paste-like texture has a very high concentration of microparticles. They exert a mechanical effect on the dirt deposits and release them from the surface by friction. To use it, apply the paste with a standard sponge or a soft cloth and thoroughly rub onto the surface to be cleaned. Depending on the type of dirt, rinse with clean water and a soft sponge.

600450 Veteco: BOHLE presents XtraClean, to clean surfaces gently but effectively

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