TTF Aerospace Teams and InspecTech to offer SPD equipped armored cockpit doors

TTF Aerospace, LLC has teamed up with InspecTech Aero Service, Inc. of Fort Lauderdale, FL to install bullet-resistant, anti forced-entry SPD windows into new, TTF-designed armored cockpit doors.

The window will be an option that can be integrated during production for customers who want to see through a switchable window, as well as darken it for privacy and security.

InspecTech is the aerospace licensee of SPD (Suspended Particle Device) aircraft window laminates that incorporate a fast-responding light-control technology invented by Research Frontiers Incorporated (Nasdaq: REFR) of Woodbury, New York.

Tim Morgan, President of TTF notes, “Even though the FAA has not ruled yet on the specific construction of cockpit doors, we’re anticipating stringent requirements to come about. We recognized the need for pilots to see what’s happening outside the cockpit as well as have privacy, and SPD gives them that feature at a competitive price without sacrificing strength.” Morgan continues, “We designed our armored door over a year ago to address the ‘air rage’ issue, so our product is ready for the market right now. The added feature of incorporating a bullet-resistant SPD window will give us many marketing advantages.”

“The laminating substrate material we selected meets UL, ASTM, and HPW standards,” notes Alex Martinez, InspecTech’s head of engineering and new product development, “And it is the same material used in many applications where blast, bullet, forced-entry and hurricane resistant characteristics are required.”

“We are pleased to have been selected by TTF for this application,” remarks James Lang, President of InspecTech. “This feature sets TTF apart from other companies in the industry. This tells us that aircraft windows using SPD technology are important not only from the passenger comfort perspective, but also from a cockpit security standpoint.”

600450 TTF Aerospace Teams and InspecTech to offer SPD equipped armored cockpit doors
Date: 8 November 2001
Source: Inspectech

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