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| Scan barcodes with a smartphone – completely automated production with A+W SmartFactory
| Lee Lagazon joins A+W Software as an Application Support Specialist for A+W Clarity Customers
| Beniamin Buta agreed to be interviewed to talk about why his company opted to establish its own insulating glass line in 2019.
| Visit A+W Software at Booth #6136 in Las Vegas.
| To optimally leverage the production resources of a tempering furnace, the bedload must strictly comply with production and quality requirements.
| Crowl began his new role on June 6 and will be reporting to the company’s President & COO David Tombre.
| Get inspired by the most innovative glass and fenestration industry software, machinery, technologies, and services. Start your trade-show journey at A+W Software (Booth #6136) along the main aisle.
| Customers have shifted to online shopping. To match this shift, consider an e-commerce solution called A+W iQuote.
| In manufacturing plants, maintenance and service are essential. Preventive maintenance is useful on the one hand in helping to prevent the occasional production stoppage, while regular checks are also required in order to satisfy safety regulations.
| HEGLA-HANIC is now offering Cut+, a new program for cutting table organisation and management.
| A+W Software announces that it continues to build on its industry-leading software solutions and customer-centric approach with the hire of Loren Powell.
| The digitalBAU 2022 is already receiving strong support from the industry in the run-up.
| A+W, in conjunction with Viprotron, developed a user-friendly, easy-to-operate app called A+W iShape.
| FeneTech is pleased to announce the addition of contractERP to their lineup of user conference presenters.
| FeneTech and Softtech will co-locate their user conferences this year in Cleveland, Ohio.
| Join a conversation with GPAD Founding Partner, FeneTech, Inc., and fellow Platinum Sponsor, Diamon-Fusion International, led by NGA President & CEO Nicole Harris, on what to expect at GPAD 2022.
| Bottero and Tiama are pleased to announce the creation of an independent company called based in Rovereto, Trento, Italy, with the goal to develop solutions for process automation.
| Construction of POLFLAM’s new production and warehouse complex in Tarczyn is being currently finalised.
| Eastman Machine Company announces addition of the OPC UA (Open Platform Communications United Architecture) server to its catalog of software applications.
| Window and door manufacturer BE Bauelemente has been using the A+W iQuote online configurator from A+W Cantor since 2020: Time for a first résumé