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| One way change is happening in our industry is through the utilization of new technologies, including software.
| A+W SmartFactory controls high-tech glass production
| Window companies on the path to Industry 4.0
| Can umati lead us out of the "interface jungle"?
| How can automation help glass and fenestration fabricators meet growing demand?
| A+W iQuote: from the Webshop directly to production
| 2016 was the year of Industry 4.0 at glasstec. The term "glass industry 4.0" was born. And highly digitalized systems and robots controlled by intelligent software were everywhere.
| Under the umbrella of the VDMA (German Engineering Federation), A+W Software-GmbH is part of the umati community.
| The ideal software for your vertical glass processing line
| We are pleased to announce that the FOG Group has acquired eBusiness provider Xavannah GmbH & Co KG as part of Toronto-based Vela Software and Constellation Software, which also includes A+W Software GmbH.
| Work is changing for many different reasons and not just because of the pandemic. How can mobile applications help your workers do more in less time? How can they help you increase your yield or revenue?
| Industry 4.0 data platform at Schollglas Sachsen
| Smaller fabricators are consistently overlooked when companies design, market, and sell ERP solutions. A+W Software is changing that for glass fabricators with the launch of our newest product called A+W iCut.
| Effective October 1, 2020, Dennis Tiegs has assumed the position of Chief Operations Officer (COO) for A+W's A+W Clarity business unit.
| Optimize cutting – Edit orders – Manage storage
| A+W has developed an interface for the automatic synchronization of glass inventories in glass storage systems.
| A+W Software is participating in GlassBuild Connect: The Glass & Fenestration Online Experience, taking place September 1-30, 2020
| Bees help us – so now we're helping the bees
| Manage residual plates manually with intelligent software
| Transform data into insights that are worth some money!