Switchable Privacy Glass by Smartglass

Switchable Privacy Smartglass offers a range of Privacy Glass solutions. It can create small subdivisions of office spaces delivering instant isolation to carry out important meetings and presentations.

Privacy Switchable Glass by Smartglass offers a sleek, sophisticated interior solution eliminating the need for curtains/blinds which can look dated and unpleasant.  Where can I use Switchable Privacy Glass by Smartglass?SmartGlass is currently used in partition screens, windows, roof-lights and doors, projection screens, security & teller screens but as architects and designers explore the boundaries and turn conventional perspectives of glass on their head it is expected that the markets will continue to grow and expand into new and innovative uses.Why choose Privacy Glass by Smartglass?One of the key selling points of Privacy Glass by  SmartGlass is the instant privacy offered by the glass as the user can control the level of light transmission either manually by the flick of a switch or automatically by means of an integrated system.Privacy Glass by SmartGlass is very easy to install as it passes all fire testing, can be tinted, double glazed with logos or branding incorporated in its design.Privacy Glass by Smartglass system has a light transmission system that is continuously adjustable for complete or partial visibility controllable whenever greater security and protection is required.Privacy glass ( also known as switchable glass)  can be adjusted with a switch or by remote control, a photocell, or any other sensing device.

Suitable for use over a wide temperature range, SmartGlass Privacy windows are highly durable, inexpensive to operate with a minute AC voltage.  Curved or shaped with a very low Haze, Privacy Glass is particularly efficient for commercial use for example: in a medical environment, in the hotel and leisure industry, within the transport sector and other public services where privacy by glass is a clean alternative to heavier, less durable and less hygienic privacy choices.

Privacy Switchable Glass or Solar Switchable Glass?

Privacy SmartGlass ( Privacy switchable glass) is more appropriate for internal use as a privacy glass screen, our Solar SmartGlass  is the world’s most effective privacy glass allowing the end user to darken windows at will. In the absence of power, privacy is assured as the glass goes dark assuring no loss of privacy. When the power is switched on liquid crystal molecules within the laminate align and incident light passes through and the Privacy SmartGlass panel immediately clears.  When the power is switched off, the molecules random scattering light and the Privacy Glass by Smartglass becomes opaque creating privacy glass instantly.

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