Storm Clouds Brewing: Winco Window Introduces FEMA Rated Windows

Storm Clouds Brewing: Winco Window Introduces FEMA Rated Windows
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Date: 16 April 2018

St. Louis County Emergency Center uses Winco Windows FEMA-rated windows for tornado and hazard protection.

Stay Safe this Storm Season - Be Prepared with Winco’s FEMA P-361 Rated Windows.

Winco Window Company, a St. Louis-based manufacturer of architectural and heavy commercial aluminum windows, is offering impact resistant FEMA P-361 rated windows, to help building owners protect people and property.   

The 2017 hurricane season, which included four major hurricanes making landfall in the United States, was an unwelcome reminder of the importance of personal safety during major storms. Winco Windows offers both tornado and hurricane rated windows that meet the standards for FEMA P-361, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s third edition of Safe Rooms for Tornadoes and Hurricanes.

Winco’s FEMA P-361 rated windows, which meet ICC-500,  are designed to withstand 250-mph winds with flying debris impact testing of a 15-pound 2x4 traveling at 100-mph. 

“When it comes to occupant safety and property preservation, tornado and hurricane rated windows are imperative,” says Kurtis Suellentrop, business development manager at Winco.  

Winco’s storm rated windows are ideal for schools, safe rooms and 911 centers that are used as storm shelters. When a storm causes the power to go out, the natural light afforded by protective windows can be critical. 

Winco’s FEMA P-361 rated windows have been selected for Emergency Communications Centers throughout Tornado Alley, the highest risk area in the U.S. for some of nature’s most violent storms. Recent Winco FEMA projects include 911 Centers in St. Louis County, Missouri, Rainsville, and Huntsville, Alabama  as well as the employee safe rooms at the Hyundai Plant in Montgomery.

For more information about FEMA P-361 windows and tornado products, contact Winco Window Company at (314) 725.8088 or visit

600450 Storm Clouds Brewing: Winco Window Introduces FEMA Rated Windows

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