Some 1,400 Modules For Largest Solar Plant In New England

What was an industrial brownfields site, became a role model for environmentally compatible conversion in the fall of 2006.

Following five years of planning, the city of Brockton in the U.S. state of Massachusetts transformed what used to be a gas transfer facility into a solar power plant. SCHOTT Solar provided around 1,400 ase 310 watt modules for the 425 kW photovoltaic facility, New England’s largest, that will supply power to the Brockton City Hall and the police station. The energy generated will reduce the volume of carbon dioxide emissions in the region by approximately what roughly 360,000 square meters of forests would absorb.

600450 Some 1,400 Modules For Largest Solar Plant In New England
Date: 21 May 2007
Source: Schott

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