Sneak Peak | Switchable Glass Roulette Wheel

Here at Smartglass, we like to pull back the curtain every now to show you some of the switchable glass innovations we’re working on.

This week we’re entering the casino world!  

Working on behalf of Cammegh, the world-renowned manufacturer of roulette wheels, we were tasked with developing a circular glass panel to top a roulette wheel. That’s not so special you say? Well, this glass panel needed to be able to instantly black-out whilst the roulette ball is spinning around (as the players are anxiously waiting for the result). When the ball has stopped in its final resting place, the panel clears at the dealer’s push of a button announcing the winning number and any lucky players who matched their bet to it.

Andrew Cammegh, Sales Director of Cammegh Ltd said, “Whilst we sell roulette wheels all over the world, South East Asia is predominantly a baccarat market. We were tasked by our customer; Marina Bay Sands to devise a roulette wheel that would offer greater appeal to this market. The idea being that players in this region like to bet on games where the results have already been determined, but of course are not yet known. Deployed on our automatic roulette wheel; Slingshot 2, Smartglass’ switchable glass uniquely conceals the game result allowing bets to continue to be placed”. Cammegh added, “Smartglass is particularly good for this purpose, as when standing around a roulette table players can be up to three meters or so from the wheel, but the optical clarity of Smartglass means even these players can see the game result clearly. Of course, security determines the lack of transparency in ‘concealed mode’ needs to be absolute, and Smartglass achieves this reassuringly well. It makes for a unique and captivating product, and has increased our market share in this region”.


Switchable glass by Smartglass, whilst normally used in office or hospitality partitions, can also be used in bespoke or niche areas such as display boxes, viewing areas, and exhibition stands.

For more information about our bespoke solutions, please visit our Contacts page to get in touch.

600450 Sneak Peak | Switchable Glass Roulette Wheel
Date: 4 December 2013

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