SMARTIA M12500 PHOS: Exceptional aesthetics with the new recessed driver

SMARTIA M12500 PHOS: Exceptional aesthetics with the new recessed driver
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In the context of the ongoing evolution of our architectural systems, we have created a new innovative minimal typology for the advanced sliding system SMARTIA M12500 PHOS.

Specifically, the lower sash can be now integrated into the floor and be concealed along with the bottom track, so that all four sides of the frame are fully embedded into the wall and the floor, offering exceptional aesthetics with extensive floor-to-ceiling glazing.

The system provides exceptional minimal windows & doors that enhance the overall aesthetics of every space, thanks to the narrow interlocking profile with a width of just 32 mm and the meeting stile typology with a width of only 72 mm.

SMARTIA M12500 PHOS is an excellent non-thermal insulation system for sliding doors & windows with narrow sightlines maximizing natural light and the view to the outside. Its unique minimal design with slim profiles is perfectly in line with the modern architectural trends that advocate high aesthetics through simplicity.

The new typology mentioned above is included in the system’s technical catalogue and can be viewed and downloaded through To access the technical catalogue you have to create an account on our website.

600450 SMARTIA M12500 PHOS: Exceptional aesthetics with the new recessed driver

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