Smart Technology Ideas in Home Design

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As innovative technological advances continue to be made, the creative applications in home design are also growing.  These smart technology ideas instantly add to projects by making your life easier and even more stylish.

We’ve compiled a list of five of the smartest technology ideas which have emerged in home design in recent years.


1.      Switchable Privacy Glass

Switchable Privacy Glass is rapidly gaining in popularity in home design and for good reason. The glass can change from opaque to transparent in under a split second and enhances a sleek, modern design. This removes the need for bulky curtains or blinds, by instantly protecting your privacy from passers-by.

It also makes a fantastic partition, bouncing light throughout the room in the transparent state while still allowing it to be sectioned off when needed in the opaque mode.

2.      Smart Locks

Smart locks are the key-cards of the future. They remove the need to fumble with keys, hide them under rocks in the garden, or call a lock smith if you accidently lock yourself outside. Instead you can easily control who comes and goes with an app on your phone or by using the keypad outside.

The smart locks also free up your day, as you no longer need to wait at home for deliveries. Instead, you can use the doorbell and attached video feed to see who wants to enter, and send them a unique, time sensitive, key code.

3.      IT-based LED Lighting Systems

Lighting systems are becoming more and more energy efficient, especially with the emergence of LED bulbs. You can now use ethernet cables to power and control your lighting, which can save up to 90% of energy costs. The integrated software allows a closer monitoring of your energy usage, and is surprisingly easy to install.

Furthermore, the lighting systems are made even more sustainable as the Ethernet cables are a far less expensive option than the materials used in traditional lighting, copper wire and conduit.

4.      WiFi Floor Heating Thermostats

Heating your home has never been easier. Recent technological advances have produced WiFi enabled floor heating thermostats, which allow you to effortlessly control underfloor heating through a smart phone app, or online.

These modern thermostats let you effortlessly change the temperature of any floor in your home, and also provide detailed energy usage reports. These features aren’t just more convenient to use, but also help your house remain energy efficient.

5.      Ecosmart Designer Fireplaces

Gone are the days when a fireplace needs a flue and a chimney, or even an electrical connection. Instead, bioethanol fires are now available in simple glass cubes. These portable options can be used straight after unpacking, meaning you can take yours with you if you need to pack up and leave, or store it away during the warmer months. Plus, the biologically produced alcohol is clean burning, providing a stylish energy efficient alternative that still warms your home.

For more information on how technology can enhance your home design, browse our previous projects or contact Smartglass International today. Our expert team would be happy to discuss how switchable privacy glass can improve your design.

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Thu, 06/04/2017 - 13:39

Home design is quite essential for every homeowner. It gives an attractive and fresh look to our home interior and exterior. In most of the cases, we used to take the help of an interior designer to improve our home interiors. Apart from these, we should also take the help of smart technologies and ideas, here this article completely describes some important facts about smart technology ideas in home improvement. Thanks for this wonderful overview.