Skylight film installation reduces Barcelona shopping centre’s cooling costs

EWFA released today a case study about an installation carried out in the roof glazing of the Barcelona shopping centre - the Diagonal Mar.

The temperature logging showed that directly under the skylights, the Window Film reduced the temperature felt underneath the roof by about 20˚C!  Compared to the previous year, in June alone cooling costs were cut by over 11%, contributing to the estimated annual energy saving of over 20,000 EUR.

This shopping centre is one of the largest in Catalonia, covering 88,000 m2 and attracting over 16 million visitors a year. The three-story complex is capped by over 4,000m2 of skylights that flood the building with natural light and brilliant sunshine. As a result, restaurants, cafeterias and food stalls on the top-floor leisure zone suffered from soaring temperatures, and unbearable glare. 4,000 m2 of Silver 20 Window Film was installed over the entire roof glazing.

Arnin Bothe, EWFA Board Member and Managing Director of Hanita Europe highlighted the advantages of Window Film technology: “the Diagonal Mar is a great example of the different benefits Window Film brings to glazing surfaces. We are happy to know that thanks to our technology visitors of the shopping centre will have a much more pleasant experience at the Diagonal Mar from now on.”

Attachment: EWFA Case Study - April2015.pdf

600450 Skylight film installation reduces Barcelona shopping centre’s cooling costs
Date: 23 April 2015

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