SCHOTT Solar Has Its Hopes Riding On High-quality Solutions In The Areas Of Photovoltaic And Solar Thermal Power Plants

Date: 11 June 2010
Source: SCHOTT Solar
New MONO series of modules for higher yields, even on top of roofs with small surface areas Direct evaporation receivers increase the efficiency of Fresnel collector systems Other exhibition highlights: the roof-integrated InDaX series and elegant ASI thin-film modules SCHOTT Solar AG will be presenting a wide variety of new products at the industry trade fair Intersolar in Munich (Neue Messe München).

At its booth 110 in hall B6, the company will be introducing, among other things, a new high-performance monocrystalline module that is capable of achieving surface area efficiency of up to 14.5 percent and therefore offers the ideal prerequisites for use on roofs with smaller surfaces. SCHOTT Solar has also developed vacuum-insulated receivers that feature a unique coating that increases the efficiency of solar thermal power plants that use Fresnel technology. These too will be on display at the company’s booth. In addition, SCHOTT Solar will be presenting its new series of InDaX 225 modules and ASI thin-film modules, as well as a variety of other new developments in the area of solar cell and module technology.
"SCHOTT Solar will be showing revolutionary new developments in both the areas of photovoltaics and receivers for solar thermal power plants," notes Dr. Martin Heming, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SCHOTT Solar AG, and adds: "As always, we subjected all of these new products to our rigid testing and control procedures that are twice as strict as the IEC standard requires. With its high standards for quality and innovative solutions, SCHOTT Solar is once again underscoring its role as a leading manufacturer of solar technology."
New MONO module series
SCHOTT Solar will be enhancing its product line in the high-performance segment by introducing the elegant new MONO module series that relies on monocrystalline cells. With cell efficiency of over 17.5 percent, this module achieves efficiency of up to 14.5 percent. Nevertheless, the dark mono cells in combination with the black aluminum frame are not only a real-eye catcher. Because the module frame does not contain a hollow chamber, this helps to ensure a high degree of torsional rigidity and thus allows it to withstand the elements extremely well. The new series of modules is particularly well-suited for use on smaller roof surfaces, due to the fact that it generates high annual yields, even when hardly any space is available – and comes with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee. The new SCHOTT MONO modules are available in three different versions of 180 to 190 watts of nominal output and offer the same high reliable output and positive output tolerance that customers are used to receiving.
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600450 SCHOTT Solar Has Its Hopes Riding On High-quality Solutions In The Areas Of Photovoltaic And Solar Thermal Power Plants
Date: 11 June 2010
Source: SCHOTT Solar

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