SCHOTT Solar CSP To Supply Direct Steam Receivers For Fresnel Technology

Date: 4 June 2010
Source: SCHOTT
SCHOTT Solar’s evacuated receivers raise efficiency of fresnel collectors New fresnel generation aiming at direct steam generation with temperatures of 450°C Having signed a cooperation agreement with the German company Novatec Biosol, SCHOTT Solar has once again emphasized its efforts in the area of fresnel technology.

As a fresnel specialist, Novatec recently started development of its new “Supernova” fresnel collector system, designed for direct steam generation with a temperature of 450°C. To achieve greater efficiencies the company will utilize SCHOTT Solar® receivers in the high temperature area of its collector.
As the market and technology leader in the area of receivers for parabolic trough technology SCHOTT Solar thus successfully broadens its expertise in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) to establish fresnel in its portfolio. SCHOTT prototype receivers both for direct steam generation as well as for fresnel collectors have been running successfully in field tests already for several years.
A fresnel collector is based on the same principle as parabolic trough technology but consists of long, parallel rows of flat mirrors. While the mirrors track the sun throughout the course of the day, the receiver is fixed in the focal line above the mirrors. Furthermore, to generate steam directly inside the receivers, fresnel technology uses water instead of thermo oil as a heat transfer medium.
SCHOTT Solar’s evacuated receivers are qualified for the high temperature area of these power plants in particular due to a new coating of the absorber tube. This highly selective coating was developed in close collaboration with the Fraunhofer ISE Institute and shows heat losses of less than 10% at a working temperature of 400°C.
“As a supplier of the receiver, the key component of parabolic trough power plants, SCHOTT Solar is pleased to now also deliver receivers for CSP plants with fresnel technology.” says Christoph Fark, Managing Director of SCHOTT Solar CSP GmbH. Using evacuated receiver tubes will further increase the efficiency of fresnel power plants and once more accentuates SCHOTT Solar’s technology leadership."
Already in autumn 2010, SCHOTT Solar will supply high temperature receivers to be used in extensive tests at Novatec’s “PE1” solar power plant.

600450 SCHOTT Solar CSP To Supply Direct Steam Receivers For Fresnel Technology
Date: 4 June 2010
Source: SCHOTT

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