Samsung Corning Precision Glass Builds the World's Largest LCD Glass Plant

Samsung Corning Precision Glass is building the world's largest LCD glass plant in Tangjeong, Chungnam.

Samsung Corning Precision Glass (SCP)'s CEO Lee Seok-Jae is having a ceremony for company's 12th anniversary and announced that it will start the construction for the second plant in the first half, and if the second plant is completed, Tangjeong would be the base of the world's LCD glass production.

Invested total 3 trillion won, the second plant will be as big as 136000 pyeong (448515㎡), which is the biggest as a single plant. SCP plans to operate the second plant in Tangjeong early next year, and produce big-sized substrate glass mostly 8th generation and newer.

SCP's decision to build its second plant in Tanjeong is based on the forecast that the demand for the substrate glass will increase significantly owing to the fact that Samsung Electronics' 8th generation will fully operate in August this year, and that LG Philips. LCD (LPL) would confirm the plans for the investment for 8th generation. Also, it can be interpreted as a countermove against competitors, such as Paju Electric Glass Co., Ltd and Schott- Kuramoto Processing Inc., who are able to produce large substrate glass after 7th generation.

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600450 Samsung Corning Precision Glass Builds the World's Largest LCD Glass Plant

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