Saint Gobain Vetrotex: High Performance Sloors

Coming on the heels of reinforcements for wall products, Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics (SGTF) is now proud to offer glass fiber mesh to level floors.

With superb technical reliability, these products make floor-leveling operations dramatically lighter and easier.

When homes are renovated, roughened floors or floors that have been accidentally damaged or deformed must be leveled to eliminate surface irregularities. For a long time the solution has been to add a new cement screed, but the room would lose up to seven centimeters in height. To solve this problem - in particular for large areas - builders can use cement reinforced with iron mesh. However, this is difficult to handle and use.

From the Iron Age to the Glass Age with Saint-Gobain SGTF now offers a high-performance alternative: Glass fiber meshes that can be integrated during installation into all coating types, epoxy resin or polyurethane, self-smoothing cements, and more.

Available in several grammages, these non-degradable reinforcements durably improve a floors’ mechanical resistance and dimensional stability.

Smaller and lighter than rolls of iron reinforcement, glass mesh rolls are easier to transport and use. Professionals can work faster using these products. Scissors or a box cutter are all that’s needed to cut pieces of mesh, which are glued or stapled to an initial layer of coating, then covered with a final layer.

These meshes also provide greater comfort for the premises’ occupants, since they enjoy complete, long-lasting evenness from their floors. Adding our glass meshes facilitates installation of all types of floor coverings.

600450 Saint Gobain Vetrotex: High Performance Sloors

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