Nest Thermostat and Heated Glass

Date: 8 May 2014

The Nest thermostat is an innovative new energy saving product, recently purchased by Google, that allows users to control their home heating remotely via a smart phone or tablet app and has now been configured for use within the UK.

It’s advanced programming not only allows you to control your central heating remotely but also learns and remembers your schedule, your patterns and begins to program itself.When you turn the thermostat up and down the Nest learns the temperatures you like and stores this information within its built in memory to automatically adjust temperature settings in the future.

This new heating control is a perfect partner for IQ’s heated glass solution. Our specialist heated glass solution allows you to comfortably and efficiently heat your home or space using the glass itself, no need for radiators or costly under floor heating. The Nest thermostat can be used to control IQ’s heated glass easily and effectively.

After the Nest has been installed for 12 days it has made a detailed schedule in its memory of your temperature preferences and will start to automatically program the heated glass to this schedule. This automatic schedule is easily edited within the Nest app or on the Nest thermostat itself.

Among the advantages of a heated glass and nest collaboration is the ‘Auto-Away’ function, when  you are going to be away from the property for a significant amount of time the Nest will automatically adjust the temperature of the heated glass to a pre-set ‘Away’ temperature for efficient energy usage.

Once the Nest has been in situ for 30 days you can review all of your energy usage via the Nest mobile or tablet app. This allows you to keep a close eye on the amount of energy your heated glass is using and see exactly what savings are created with minimal changes in the air and surface glass temperature.

The Nest is truly the future of home heating solutions and pairing it with heated glass will create an efficient future proof heating system suitable for all types of home.

Contact IQ Glass for more information about our Heated Glass heating solution and how it can be used in your project.

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600450 Nest Thermostat and Heated Glass

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