MasterTrack FT: new high-tech complete solution by Bohle

MasterTrack FT: new high-tech complete solution
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The traditional sliding door should really be renamed: floating door. For sliding entails an effort for opening and closing a door.

This does not apply to MasterTrack FT. The new sliding door system from Bohle impresses with palpable ease of movement and a running smoothness unheard of before. What is so special about it: The entire installation requires only a few simple steps. Mounting is as quick, intuitive and thus cost-effective.

This becomes possible thanks to a well though-out modular system which seamlessly adapts to the individual installation situations and the different weight classes ranging from 60 via 80 and 120 up to 150 kg. Each system is built up in the same way and convinces due to its particularly easy handling.

The running track is mounted safely to wall or ceiling with a few simple steps. Subsequently, all further door alignment settings can conveniently be reached from the front. Measuring is not even required for positioning the damping unit. The glass pane is simply fixed flush into the clamping mechanism of the carriage.


High-tech product enables particular running smoothness

The technically sophisticated carriages and the patented all-metal dampers form the centrepiece of MasterTrack FT and integrate into one unit. The carriages stand out due to their especially smooth run and convey the impression that the glass door is floating while opening and closing.

The innovative damper slows down the sliding door softly and seamlessly in one movement. Even when moving the door more energetically, the closing mechanism is so safe that the door is reliably protected from jumping out or slamming into the end stop.

The dampers are equipped with high-quality hydraulics and a double-sided spring guide. Their interplay is always perfectly harmonised to the respective weight class. Independent of closing speed, both extremely wide and extremely narrow sliding doors starting from 600 mm are gently slowed down.

The dampers are always constructed identically, ranging from the light to the heavy weight classes. The only difference: They vary in length in order to enable optimal damping and retracting the different weight classes.


Measuring becomes superfluous – special clamping mechanism provides support

For mounting the glass pane into the clamping mechanism, measuring is not required. The clamp is simply positioned flush on the edge of the glass pane.

Special clamping inserts inside the carriage guarantee a safe and stable support of the glass. That safe and stable that even laminated safety glass can be fixed completely without drilling – even up to a door weight of 150 kg. Here once again, the modular MasterTrack FT system plays out its strengths: Clamping inserts of different strengths are not required.


Simple installation from the front

Mounting MasterTrack FT is as easy as can be: It can be conveniently done from the front – all adjustment options such as height adjustment and anti-jump protection can be accessed comfortably from there. Also the cover is fixed from the front by means of a concealed clip-on mechanism. No screw-fixing is required here.


Supreme design down to the last detail

MasterTrack FT uses the same profile for each weight class. This enables a slender and elegant appearance of the running track, also for high weight classes up to 150 kg. Apart from the classical designs in aluminium colours and stainless steel look, it is also available in the trendy colours black and anthracite as well as in all RAL colours.

The end caps of the profile are made of the same material as the running track profile. Bohle offers customised solutions upon request. In this way, the system ideally adapts to the most diverse living and design styles.

600450 MasterTrack FT: new high-tech complete solution by Bohle

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