Master Architect Visited Luoyang NorthGlass

Master Architect Visited Luoyang NorthGlass
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Date: 21 April 2023

At the beginning of April, ancient and modern feature of Luoyang reflect the city, which is full of spring breath.

On March 31, Professor Li Guoqiang, chairman of Shanghai Creative Studies Institute and director of National Engineering Technology Research Center for Prefabrication Construction in Civil Engineering, Mr. Wang Dasui, master of China Engineering and Consulting, Mr. Guo Jianxiang, master of China Engineering and Consulting, Professor He Minjuan, executive vice president of Shanghai Creative Studies Institute, Ms. Sun Baolian, senior expert of curtain wall, Mr. Zhao Chen, chief architect of Arcplus Institute of Shanghai Architectural Design and Research, and  Mr. Du Pingjie, chairman of Curtain Wall Shared Design Committee of Shanghai Creative Studies Institute visited Luoyang NorthGlass.

Master Architect Visited Luoyang NorthGlass

Gao Xueming, chairman of NorthGlass and chairman of NorthGlass SiNest; Gao Li, vice chairman and president of NorthGlass; Jiang Wei, general manager of NorthGlass and Li Chunchao, marketing director of NorthGlass, warmly welcomed these masters.

On March 31st, the delegation came to Sui-Tang Dynasties Grand Canal Cultural Museum. The project was designed by Tongji Architectural Design Group, and its large glass supplied by Luoyang NorthGlass. The overall design of Sui-Tang Dynasties Grand Canal Cultural Museum takes “the source of the canal, the rhyme of the Sui-Tang Dynasties, and the technology of Luoyang” as starting point, fully displaying the cultural connotation of the Grand Canal heritage and highlighting the charm and cultural symbol of the Tang Dynasty of Luoyang. Next morning, the delegation also visited Erlitou Site Museum of the Xia Capital.

Master Architect Visited Luoyang NorthGlass

In the afternoon of April 1st, the delegation accompanied by Jiang Wei and Li Chunchao, came to Luoyang NorthGlass SiNest New Material Co., LTD., they went into the workshop, deeply understanding the processing process and installation of finished products, visited housing entity prefabricated by NorthGlass light crystal stone and glass. General manager Jiang Wei made a comprehensive and detailed introduction to the masters from the production of raw materials, production process, processing process and application cases.

Master Architect Visited Luoyang NorthGlass

The exchange group expressed that the products with lightweight, high strength, fire prevention, environmental protection and decoration are fully in line with the needs and trends of modern buildings, and at the same time, they can play a huge role in the renovation of urban buildings. This kind of prefabricated house combining light crystal and glass materials is not only beautiful and practical, but also can greatly shorten the construction cycle, improve the construction efficiency, reduce the construction cost, and has a very broad application prospect and market demand, so as to contribute to the construction of a beautiful city and society.

600450 Master Architect Visited Luoyang NorthGlass

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