MagicGlas Smart Glass Sliding Wall

May 5,2012 - GlasNovations Ltd is proud to announce the successful installation of a MagicGlas smart glass sliding wall at a private residence in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

This is a first of its kind sliding wall in the world. The size of the wall is 3.8m x 3.9m and is split into two zones. The top zone is a fixed wall whereas the bottom zone is split into a fixed section and a sliding section.

The complete wall is controlled using a single remote control switch for both switching ON and OFF as well for the sliding function. There were many design challenges on this project. Two of the MagicGlas panels required unusual cutouts to accomodate the steel pillar. The sliding section of the wall required more than one MagicGlas panels to be suspended together. At the same time, the sliding function was required to be completely soundless, this being a private residence. The design team at GlasNovations designed and installed a proprietary (patent pending) cable management system to supply electric current to the MagicGlas panels in the sliding section.

This unique project from GlasNovations Ltd comes after the installation of World's largest switchable smart glass window at Metbar Restaurant, London. GlasNovations Ltd is UK and India's largest supplier of electro-optical technologies and products. Its brands include MagicGlas, MediGlas and ThermoGlas and are used is various segments like residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare. For pictures, video and more information, please visit

600450 MagicGlas Smart Glass Sliding Wall
Date: 7 May 2012

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