MADE expo 2017

MADE expo 2017: a hub for architecture and the construction industry
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A hub for architecture and the construction industry.

MADE expo, due to take place at Milano Rho Fiera from 8 to 11 March 2017, is without a doubt the most popular international architecture and building construction show in Italy and across the Mediterranean, attracting tens of thousands of visitors from far and wide. The event is a hub for architects and builders, a springboard for exports thanks also to support from the Italian Trade Agency I.C.E., and a catalyst for driving Italy’s economic growth.

MADE expo is much more than a mere trade show. It actually offers visitors an unforgettable experience and the chance to discover, observe, understand and actually touch the latest developments and innovations showcased by some 1,400 exhibitors representing the best the market has to offer.

It is a business venue that provides the ideal setting for fostering meetings and business relationships between professionals and exhibitors. The event is a networking platform offering valuable opportunities to share views and attend training and educational courses, some of which will offer continuous education credits.

Hot topics featured at MADE expo will include building, refurbishing and retrofitting sustainably, efficiently and safely, with an emphasis on issues ranging from post-earthquake reconstruction to redeveloping and regenerating urban centres and buildings, the latest trends in co-housing, the sharing economy and new ways of living, sustainable urbanscapes, and more); keeping apace with new technologies supporting architects and designers (BIM, 3D printers…).

All this and more will be on the agenda at MADE expo, the ideal setting for disseminating the culture of design and living, and for setting new standards in meeting the demands of the market and society. The spotlight will also be on in-home comfort and the most advanced solutions for the building envelope, along with the superb Italian-made interiors and finishes that are attracting so much attention in the contract sector both in Italy and abroad.

MADE expo is the only trade fair offering a multi-specialist perspective on of materials, construction systems, windows, the building envelope, finishes and surface treatments, with 4 specialised and seamlessly integrated exhibitions under the one roof:

  • MADE construction and materials (halls 6-10)

Ground breaking construction solutions and technologies, high-performance materials, cutting-edge equipment for building safely and sustainably: the eyes of building contractors, surveyors and industry professionals everywhere are on the event, which also features a packed programme of meetings and conferences to discuss current technical and regulatory developments. There will be a comprehensive overview of the latest construction systems and structures in wood, panelling, concrete and steel, as well as high-performance waterproofing, insulation, protection, remediation and structural reinforcement, colour, paint, not to mention measuring, test and control systems, construction site solutions and safety.

  • MADE building envelope and windows (halls 1-2-3-4)

The entire industry will showcase its finest offerings in windows, awnings, shading systems, protection, the building envelope and roofing. Window fitters, distributors, retailers, architects, designers and contractors will come face to face with the entire manufacturing pipeline, from machinery for making windows out of all materials (wood, aluminium, PVC) to finished products incorporating cutting edge technology.

  • MADE interiors and finishes (halls 5-7)

Top quality solutions and innovative products in the field of flooring systems, wall coverings, doors, handles and hardware, false ceilings, indoor partitions, wall units, stairs and finishings. Design, technology and research come together to produce synergy for architects, interior designers, contractors, distributors and retailers in Italy and abroad.

  • MADE software, technologies and services (hall 10)

All the latest developments in software, from structural design and calculations to architectural and engineering design and BIM. Also on show are 3D printers, augmented reality and other breakthrough technologies and services for designing, constructing and managing buildings and environments.



8th edition
Approximately 1,400 exhibitors in 8 halls
4 specialised shows under the one roof
8 special events and over 100 meetings and conferences
at least 200 international delegates from more than 25 countries
*** *** **
95% of incoming professionals state they are satisfied with their visit
50% of total visitors
71% of international visitors
60% of window fitters
state that MADE expo is the go-to event for the industry
Source: TNS 2015 visitor survey





MADE expo (promoted in conjunction with UNICMI) has always had a strong focus on sharing and disseminating know-how and expertise, investing in meetings, exhibits and conferences and creating a top-notch cultural environment with an extensive international reach.

Events are also designed to foster networking and include workshops, live demos and talk shows on trending technical and scientific issues and regulatory developments, with the attendance of opinion leaders. This year’s MADE expo will again be staging all of its most successful events and meetings.


B(uild) Smart! (hall 1 Sustainability - hall 10 Innovation)

The event devoted to safe and sustainable building construction and refurbishment. Two areas, one dynamic interactive event where industry professionals can delve into the latest trends in architecture and building construction, from energy retrofits for apartment blocks to upgrading a country’s real estate assets, as well as technologically advanced materials and systems for an efficient building envelope, circular buildings, anti-seismic constructions, and much more.

The two macro-areas (Sustainability and Innovation) provide an unrivalled arena for exploring the latest construction research, design and management systems. During the four-day fair, Italian experts will be on hand at events, workshops, laboratories, edutainment sessions and debates.

The two areas combined are staging 12 major all-day events. As well, trade associations, professional bodies and universities will hold focus sessions and workshops to go into depth on technical aspects, and issue continuing education credits.


Archmarathon Selections (hall 2)

An international architecture competition with an exciting and innovative format. Visitors to MADE expo will have the chance to see the entries of thirty architecture practices from all over the world in Archmarathon, the international architecture competition.

Archmarathon Selections@MADE will pick the 14 best designs (one per category), sending them straight to the Archmarathon 2018 finals.


Made4Contract (hall 7)

The focus of this event – now sporting a great new format - is on the Italian and international Contract business for architects, developers and general contractors. In conjunction with Quotidiano Immobiliare.

Four days of theme-specific meetings centred on the contract business, where leading Italian and international designers, builders and architects come together to discuss their past and present projects, including the best way to approach markets such as China, the UK and the United States. Also on the agenda are talks on different types of projects, from retail to hospitality and residential.


Moodboards exploring materials#solutions#surface (hall 7)

MOODBOARDS, staged by Studio Marco Piva, makes the “soul” of the world’s major cities the common thread running through the event that illustrates how the architect goes about choosing, combining and interpreting the finishes and materials employed in architectural and interior design projects all over the world.

Using a selection of hand-picked products, Marco Piva has created a series of MOODBOARDS inspired by the places that form the backdrop of the project. The products featured by participating exhibitors will also be showcased on huge “Material Tables”: visitors will be able to closely examine and touch the surface texturing and performance of the architectural finishes, and imagine how they could be used in new projects.

There will also be meeting areas where exhibitors can illustrate the technical characteristics of their products.


Real Architecture (hall 7)

Top architects will become video-makers for a day, sharing their impressions and filming the best of MADE expo 2017 as they wander around the show. To do it they’ll be using a GoPro camera. A selection of videos will be screened in a special party-space. Action-cams can be reserved here, and videos uploaded to social media in this eye-openingly unconventional space; as well, visitors can view the videos shot by 40 selected architecture practices and meet the architects and all the other invited professionals. And at the end of the day a Real-Party, complete with a DJ, will get into swing with participants, the media, exhibitors and visitors to MADE expo 2017 on hand.


Building Envelope and Windows Forum (hall 4)

Curated by DBInformation, this is a forum where window specialists can come together and discuss hot topics ranging from regulations to manufacturing, product performance and distribution trends in a packed programme of conferences, talks, tests and demos.

The three key topics of this edition are the retail trade, safety and certification. Manufacturers and retailers will discuss the main issues associated with the Retail sector: effective door and window sales and efficient showroom management.

Key aspects of the distribution business will be covered, from marketing to co-marketing, from traditional to on-line advertising, from setting up a successful showroom to joint training activities, sales and sales force monitoring, and POS management.

The Forum will also host a product innovation area and run a photo contest.


Forum-Holzbau (Friday 10 March, 10.30 - Fiera Milano Rho Service Centre – Gemini Room)

Italy’s fast-expanding timber construction industry is leading the way in Europe. Attention is focussing increasingly on the concepts underpinning the use of wood in building construction: lightness, energy efficiency, earthquake resistance, comfort, sustainability and respect for the environment, During MADE expo, Forum-Holzbau will be staging an international conference providing builders, designers, engineers, architects, construction site supervisors and professionals with a valuable opportunity to share their experiences with timber construction.

Forum-Holzbau is an international platform that brings together the Universities of Helsinki (Finland), Munich Rosenheim (Germany), Bile/Bern (Switzerland), Vienna (Austria) and Vancouver (Canada), in order to disseminate and promote the culture of timber construction; in Italy, Forum-Holzbau collaborates with the University of Trento.

This special edition will focus primarily on materials physics and technology, seismic safety and urban architectures, for an audience of specialised professionals, engineers, architects and surveyors. Two sessions featuring international speakers will be staged: one on the use of timber in urban architecture, and another on physics and technical sciences applied to timber constructions.


Carousel for Life. Projects for growing (halls 5-7)

MADE expo is also an incubator for tomorrow’s cultural and research projects. FederlegnoArredo has chosen to roll out Carousel for Life at the show: this cultural project grew out of research into architecture for children, and aims to forge a new vision defining design and production standards, and putting children at the centre of the world.

Architecture is an educational science and a powerful teaching tool: it has a cultural duty to encourage an appreciation of beauty and shape the space we live in. And space – in all its cultural and philosophical meanings – is the first form of externality that we perceive, and without it there can be no experience of the outside world. Space surrounds, nurtures and grows.

Children delight in owning their own space, exploring it and experiencing it uninhibitedly and without hesitation, in the perpetual motion of their discovery of the world. If children are indeed the protagonists of space, then we are honour bound to reconsider how we approach everything we design for them from the ground up, and to rethink buildings, spaces and objects at every level.

In this respect, Italy is lagging behind other more advanced countries. There is no organic regulatory system, much less legislation guiding the most fitting design processes or choice of materials. There are no rules defining the quality of children’s spaces. No standards or criteria for shaping the space children need to grow.

Or to receive treatment, in the unfortunate event that they are admitted to hospital. The home also deserves more attention, as do hospitality facilities. And last, but definitely not least, school buildings require urgent measures to fix the inadequacies that they have languished in for decades.

FederlegnoArredo has taken up the challenge and is determined to trigger change, by opening up and disclosing new prospects involving all stakeholders.

Curated by architect Valentina Fisichella, the new project will be unveiled at the upcoming MADE expo show: an installation will enclose a unique element representing the spirit of the initiative: a permanent leitmotif ensuring that the project will gain instant recognition.

A logo will also identify the project. Visitors will be given an inkling of the complexity of the subject on many different levels, starting from a general overview of the installation and its content, and including an indication of potentially relevant manufacturing sectors and applications: school buildings, homes, hospitals, public spaces, hospitality facilities.

There will also be conferences and meetings to raise awareness among industry professionals, teachers, school boards and institutions.






Exports already account for a significant percentage of many companies’ total sales, while others are keen to expand their businesses beyond Italy and venture into foreign markets.

MADE expo has put together a highly efficient internationalisation programme to promote the event in various countries, in partnership with the Italian Trade Agency I.C.E., which has chosen MADE expo as one of the leading international events for driving the growth of Italian businesses.

A massive off- and on-line campaign and an 8-country road show have promoted the event in Europe, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. During the four-day event, around 200 delegates will be arriving from over 25 countries (including the United States, Russia, sub-Saharan and north Africa, Russia and the former Soviet republics, the Middle East, Iran and China). They will be having more than 1,000 profiled B2B meetings with exhibitors in the MADE expo International Business Lounge.


New digital catalogue

Exhibitor visibility will get a boost in 2017 with an exciting digital development. Thanks to an agreement between MADE expo and Edilportale, a new service allows exhibitors to showcase their products on the on-line show catalogue, which will generate qualified web traffic comprised of trade operators and target groups. An evolution that takes the trade fair concept to a whole new level, maximising visibility beyond the show, across borders and between one edition and the next.


Osservatorio MADE expo

The new strategies that are enhancing the offerings of the Milan-based architecture and building construction show include the Osservatorio: MADE expo’s own think-tank. The Osservatorio will be organising international meetings focussing on vertical macro-themes, and putting forward different perspectives on the shape of the world to come.

Osservatorio MADE expo will be casting its gaze abroad, to check out the most significant trend-making projects, but also on Italy, to discover how MADE expo’s exhibitors are meeting new living needs through innovative solutions. The views of key influencers and industry experts are a regular fixture.


Special services

It’s never been easier to visit MADE expo, thanks to several exclusive partnerships: agreements have in fact been signed with Alitalia and Trenitalia for special discounts on air and rail fares, and with the reservations portal Helmsbriscoe:
Shuttle buses will run to and from Linate and Malpensa airports.

MADE expo has also signed an agreement with the Lombardy region’s number one eco-car sharing operation, E-Vai, which recently rolled out E-Vai 3.0, a new service for commuters and public and private sector users, who can now share a new-generation electric vehicle in different mutually compatible time slots.

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