Kawneer introduces 2250 IG ribbon window

Balancing today's need for desired aesthetics with the realities of performance and economy, Kawneer has developed 2250 IG (Inside Glaze) Ribbon Window/Curtain Wall System.

The competitively priced and easy-to-install framing system combines a narrow, 2 ¬ inch profile with construction flexibility, labor and material savings. Inside glazing means no scaffolding is needed, thus saving construction time and reducing installation costs. Adding further labor savings, 2250 IG is available in stock lengths or fabricated. Rounding out the package of features is secondary water management.

Recognizing one of the most common architectural concerns relating to infiltrated and condensation water management, 2250 IG accommodates an optional head anchor that drains away secondary water and provides a system that is superior to a clip-on gutter. With this optional head anchor, 2250 IG is capable of channeling away up to 18 gallons per hour from the spandrel area for each 48 inches of head section. This design reduces the possibility of water damage to the building interior.

To keep the elements at bay, 2250 IG System features snap-on covers with a «-inch projection and a high performance rain screen design that allows increased design options and lower costs. This zone-dammed, pressure-equalized system also offers dry glazing to provide a positive weather seal for high performance, long life and interior protection.
In addition, economical thermal isolation clips provide improved thermal performance and interior comfort.

The narrow 2 ¬-inch profile of 2250 maintains a clean, monumental appearance without sight line build up while meeting all GANA glazing standards. For construction flexibility, the system accommodates both shear block and Type "A" or "B" screw spline fabrication. A structural silicone glazed option and the ability to work with glass, granite and metal spandrel infills provide additional design opportunities together with Kawneer's standard custom painted, powder and anodized finishes.

Based in Norcross, Ga., Kawneer is an Alcoa Company. Alcoa, the world's leading producer of aluminum and alumina, has a unique comprehensive global presence. This makes Kawneer an architectural aluminum building products company that can provide single-source responsibility for all phases of the architectural aluminum process – from bauxite to the finished building.

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Date: 4 December 2001
Source: Kawneer

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