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Internal Light Shaft
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A Light Shaft brings daylight down and through a building, this system has proven ideal for extensions on buildings.

Internal Light Shaft The new addition causes a dark area in the middle of the building, where the outside wall had had windows or glazed doors – this has now been extended. The new windows or doors at the end of the extension does not let enough daylight travel far enough into the ‘old’ space.

Light Shafts can be designed to come down several floors before spreading the natural light to where it is needed.  

Limitless utilise square shapes instead of round tunnels in order for the light transfer to travel more efficiently projecting daylight onto the ceiling, floor and far into the area.

Light Shafts can also be designed and fabricated to provide ventilation and views to the outside.

This innovative, energy saving system has many options, each unit is designed to fit the requirements of the project.

Internal Light Shaft

600450 Internal Light Shaft - Limitless Ltd

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