Insulation glass manufaacturing: New twin head applicator by Bystronic glass

Date: 16 November 2010

Super Spacer® I.G. units in continuous productionNeuhausen-Hamberg (Germany), November 15, 2010.

Bystronic glass group launched their new flexspacer'twinapplicator with two alternately functioning application heads at glasstec 2010 in Düsseldorf. This revolutionary, unique machine provides the complete non-interruptive production of double and triple insulating glass units using Super Spacer® type flexible spacers – even while equipping with material. The new flexspacer'twinapplicator is particularly suitable for order related manufacturing of insulating glass units with varying spacer widths, including the production of triple insulating glass units that require two different spacer widths.

The direct task of the flexible spacer with an integrated desiccant is to carry vertically positioned glass plates in a non-interruptive production flow, each with a separate application head. This can be equipped with a Super Spacer® material with a width of 8 to 20 millimetres. While one of the two heads places the material onto the glass plate, the spacer of the other head can then completely be changed over without any machine downtime. A data controlled waste optimization option caters for the change of material, which is already available in the flexspacer'applicator with a single application head, providing minimum material consumption. Compared to the single head machine, the volume of the moisture-protected supply of reels using spacer material has doubled: the flexspacer'twinapplicator has eight storage spaces with separated viewing windows for storage and change of the Super Spacer® materials, also during production.

Innovative management of waste material

The machine can be easily controlled via the instinctive and user friendly touch-screen interface with graphical representations of each machine function. Alongside the manufacture of rectangular formats, the production of all model formats according to the design catalogue is possible. Disposal of the residual corner offcuts is carried out directly through an effective and user-friendly suction device. So, the waste material does not get inside the insulating glass units. Optionally, a simplified muntin assembly is possible, which works with marking sections in the spacer. Customers who decide to fill their units with gas, can equip the flexspacer'twinapplicator with the TriSeal™ option, for double-sided butyl sealing of the T-Spacer™ spacers. Additionally, there is now a way to specifically seal the corners – with the cornersealer. This self-controlled machine fixes the joints of the Super Spacer® by means of adhesive tapes and then seals the seam with butyl. The cornersealer can be integrated into any insulating glass line and does not affect the cycle time of the flexspacer'twinapplicator.

Quick and easy to retrofit

Thanks to decades of experience and numerous groundbreaking in-house developments, Bystronic glass is an incomparable expert in the application of Warm Edge solutions. As a group Bystronic glass is a unique provider being in a position to offer customers automated solutions for all standard Warm Edge Spacer Systems. The new flexspacer'twinapplicator fits perfectly into insulating glass lines from Bystronic glass. It is also ideally suited for retrofitting existing insulating glass lines, with the new machine being the same length as the single-head applicator, it is possible to replace the machines without requiring any additional space.

About Bystronic glass

Bystronic glass is the most competent and reliable partner for services, machinery, plants and systems in the glass processing sector. Bystronic glass supplies its well-proven machine technologies also in important areas of the photovoltaic industry. This includes preprocessing and front-end and back-end solutions. Bystronic glass is an international brand with globally operating companies that support their customers on site and through own sales and service companies. Since 1994, Bystronic glass is part of the Conzzeta AG, a renowned Swiss industrial holding company.

600450 Insulation glass manufaacturing: New twin head applicator by Bystronic glass

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