How to Meet Design and Performance Challenges with Acid-etched Glass

Date: 13 February 2014

When working on a new project, it may sometimes be difficult to find the appropriate product or solution.

Many aspects come into consideration, depending on the application, the design and performance intents playing a crucial role.    The following is a discussion of applications and a look at ways acid-etched glass can meet various needs. Glass counter tops are becoming quite popular and bring about interesting challenges.It is important to select a glass product with superior stain and scratch resistance, especially if it is to be used in a messy environment such as a kitchen. Walker TexturesTM Satinlite actually offers 40% more scratch resistance than clear float glass, and is highly resistant to staining. Also if the intent is to hide the surface underneath the counter, acid-etched glass can provide the desired level of opacity.


Glass in building facades is widely used in North America. The objective of many architects is to create a visually appealing design while keeping in mind that the glass product will be exposed to various environmental conditions, all relative to the location of the project. Acid-etched glass is an ideal solution for exterior use as it can provide as much as 17% more resistance to wear than clear float glass. It also offers great glare reduction, which is very useful for buildings exposed to sun for an extended period of time.


Colour, for interior and/or exterior uses has always been an interesting feature for designers and architects. Combining colour with glass, without diluting its impact can be tricky. Many projects call for a laminate with a coloured interlayer or back painted glass, for decorative purposes. Luckily, acid-etched glass provides enhanced colour and image renderings. Here is an example of where colour plays a major role and how acid-etched glass contributed to support the design intent:


Acid-etched glass can be used in numerous other applications, such as marker boards and projection screens, spandrel units and glass offering a combination of privacy and daylight.


For more information on Walker TexturesTM acid-etched glass solutions, go to


Please do not hesitate to share your project requirements with our architectural team.


If you have any questions or would like additional information, it will be our pleasure to put you in contact with one of our Architectural Managers.



Emilie-Ann Dubreuil-Myles

Business Development Coordinator

Walker Glass Co.

600450 How to Meet Design and Performance Challenges with Acid-etched Glass

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