Horizon Auto Drive Glass Handling Truck

The ‘Horizon’ auto-drive glass handling truck is a glass lifter designed for in-shop use to assist glass workers and glaziers to unload, rotate, transport and lay large sheets of glass flat onto a cutting table or tempering line.

This glass handling truck has a lifting capacity of 300kg / 660lb.The ‘Horizon’ auto-drive has a 12 volt battery powered vacuum pump and 2 hydraulic rams.This glass lifter will lift and tilt glass to the horizontal.It will allow one operator to lift glass or an IGU (insulated glass unit) form rack or truck, then index the glass to the horizontal and slowly and precisely lower the glass onto a table or frame.

The ‘Horizon’ glass lifter allows one or two operators to handle the glass, rather than four to six as previously required, and with greater safety.

This glass lifter is ideal for setting DGUs (double glazed units) into a window frame to create a perfect seal.

The glass handling truck uses a battery powered rear drive wheel. The lifter is also equipped with powered side shift, which allows for up to 200mm movement to the left and right by use of an actuator.


  • Lifts glass from vertical to horizontal
  • Lifts up to 300kg / 660lb vertically
  • Lifts up to 200kg / 440lb horizontally
  • ‘Onloads’ trucks and edgework machines
  • Lifts DGUs and glazed windows
  • Rotates glass 360 degrees
  • One man operation
  • Lifts glass 2440mm x 3660mm / 96” x 150”
  • Hydraulic rams and lifters
  • DC powered vacuum pack
  • Battery operated rams
  • Small footprint
  • Easy operation

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