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Hidden hinges in the balcony doors
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Date: 29 January 2019

New in our offer - from now on, hidden fitting can also be used in balcony doors with an aluminum threshold. Discover the advantages of hidden hinges.

Previously used only in windows, now also in balcony doors with an aluminum threshold. Multi-Power fitting, i.e. hidden fitting is an extremely aesthetic, but also a very practical solution.

The hinges are hidden in the clear-cut, so you cannot see them when the door is closed. The fitting also gives the possibility of 3D adjustment. Doors equipped with a Multi-Power fitting are also much easier to keep clean, because there are no hinge covers on which dust could settle.

Hidden hinges in the balcony doors

The hidden fitting can be used in doors made based on the majority of Aluplast systems. Prior technological consultation required.

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