Guardian Showcases New Solar Glass Products at SolarPACES 2009 in Berlin, Sept. 15-18

Global glass manufacturer Guardian Industries presented its line of solar glass products at SolarPACES 2009 September 15-18 in Berlin.

Guardian featured its EcoGuard Solar Boost mirrors for concentrating solar power (CSP) applications, which provides best-in-class solar reflectivity, concentrating efficiency and durability.Samples of both of the company’s laminated parabolic (LP) and monolithic parabolic (MP) mirrors were shown, as well as its float, pattern and coated solar glass products.

SolarPACES is an international cooperative organization bringing together teams of national experts from around the world to focus on the development and marketing of concentrating solar power systems (also known as solar thermal power systems). It is one of a number of collaborative programs managed under the umbrella of the International Energy Agency to help find solutions to worldwide energy problems.

Guardian’s EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP has a minimum solar reflectivity of 94.5 percent at AM 1.5 (ISO 9050). Similar to a car windshield, two layers of glass are laminated together with a PVB interlayer. A mirrored surface is contained within the laminate on the backside of the forward glass. The thin front glass results in a shorter transmission path and industry benchmark reflectivity performance. Guardian has years of experience in developing systems and efficiencies in such manufacturing processes.

EcoGuard Solar Boost-LP has also been extensively field tested for proven durability and validated using numerous accelerated test protocols. The combined glass and PVB layers provide superior rigidity and durability compared to traditional monolithic glass systems. The laminated construction also results in optimum damping, wind resistance and reduction of subsequent field component damage.

EcoGuard® Solar Boost-MP features a solar reflectance of greater than 93 percent, the highest percentage for monolithic parabolic mirrors. Guardian’s precise manufacturing process yields a smooth, accurate mirror with an intercept factor of greater than 99.5 percent. EcoGuard Solar Boost-MP also has proven durability that is ensured by a multi-layer backing paint system designed for long-term environmental exposure.  

The EcoGuard Solar Boost product line also includes flat surface mirrors in a variety of glass thicknesses and reflectance/performance levels to meet the unique needs of customers in the parabolic dish, Fresnel-based and central-receiver CSP and CPV markets.

As a leading glass manufacturer, our goal is to optimize the energy investment of our customers," said Scott Thomsen, Guardian group vice president and chief technology officer. "At forums like this, the solar industry players come together to drive technology forward and meet the challenges of achieving new efficiencies.”

SolarPACES 2009 is the foremost symposium for the who’s who in concentrating solar power and chemical energy systems. SolarPACES 2009 offers a forum for industry, research, politics and financing stakeholders within the framework of a scientific conference program with leading world experts.

A global manufacturer of high-quality glass for more than 75 years, Guardian has diverse product and technology pipelines that consistently generate high-performance glass products for a wide range of industries. A stable, privately-held company with an international solar asset base, Guardian is well positioned to provide the solar market with superior solutions that address current and future market needs.

Guardian is a diversified global manufacturing company headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, with leading positions in float glass, fabricated glass products, fiberglass insulation and other building materials for commercial, residential and automotive markets. Through its Science & Technology Center, Guardian is at the forefront of innovation, including development of high-performance glass coatings and other advanced products. Guardian, its subsidiaries and affiliates employ 18,000 people and operate facilities throughout North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Visit EcoGuard is a registered trademark of Guardian Industries Corp.

600450 Guardian Showcases New Solar Glass Products at SolarPACES 2009 in Berlin, Sept. 15-18
Date: 17 September 2009
Source: Guardian Industries

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