Going into the high-end market after years’ accumulation — NorthGlass fan shows its strength

Circulating fan for combustion furnace with ternary catalytic purifier 
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Date: 30 March 2021

In the No. 6 factory building of Tri-Variate Movement centrifugal fan of Luoyang NorthGlass, a row of circulating fans for combustion furnace used in firing ternary catalytic purifier are ready to be launched.

This is a microcosm of the fan company's initiative to seize the opportunity and focus on the technology.

Aim at the first opportunity and be prepared for the market. The ternary catalytic converter is an important external purifying device installed in the automobile exhaust system. The introduction of the VI national standards has strictly controlled the discharge of pollutants, and more and more powerful kiln manufacturers have begun to enter into this market.

As early as 2014, the marketing department of NorthGlass Tri-Variate Movement centrifugal fan aimed at the first opportunity, visited kiln manufacturers, and followed up with design institutes of relevant industry. In May of last year, a customer who produced a ternary catalytic converter set up a test furnace to simulate production after receiving an end-user order and after using the NorthGlass Tri-Variate Movement centrifugal fan, its rate of finished products has risen from more than 40% to 90%.

In view of the external supporting bottlenecks and good market prospects, the marketing manager of the fan company has grasped the opportunity acutely, actively helped the customers to slove the problems, and applied to the company for the preparation of the prototype at the first time.

Excellent technology, difficult problems to be solved. The technical difficulties in front of them are more complicated than imagined. The working conditions are very special: The inside of the catalyst is a porous and permeable structure, which is placed evenly on the net belt, so when it is dried and roasted on the net belt, it is necessary to ensure that the flow rate at the top and bottom of all the supports is uniform, otherwise it will seriously affect the finished product rate. In order to reduce the cost and shorten the total length of the furnace body, the customer should minimize the fan size on the premise of ensuring the constant air volume and pressure of the fan.

Going into the high-end market after years’ accumulation — NorthGlass fan shows its strength

Going into the high-end market after years’ accumulation — NorthGlass fan shows its strength

In the face of the technical core problem, technical personnel from the fan company actively solve the problem. After rigorous analysis and design, the base size of the casing is optimized to meet the requirements of the parameters by increasing the outlet angle on the traditional forward multi-wing impeller and optimizing the shape of the front disk, and CFD flow field analysis software is used to simulate the flow guide plate arranged in the volute outlet and the air duct. After multi-scheme simulation and flow field analysis, the prototype is finalized and handed over to the customer.

Circulating fan for combustion furnace with ternary catalytic purifier 
Circulating fan for combustion furnace with ternary catalytic purifier 

Subsequently, the customer re-opened the furnace test, the qualified rate of finished products directly increased to more than 90%, fan company's comprehensive strength further highlighted, and it has been highly concerned and recognized by related experts from Sino-Platinum Metals Co., Ltd (emission standards formulation enterprise for domestic ternary catalytic industry).

After that, the fan company formally received the customer's first order. In order to improve the product performance, the fan company further optimized the product, controlled the wind speed deviation of the upper and lower parts of the net belt within 8%, and the qualified rate rose to 97%, reaching the advanced level of the industry.

Finally, the delivery was successfully completed, and all the later supporting items were signed one after another, which brought considerable economic benefits to the fan company. The success of the project has also expanded the influence of the NorthGlass fan on other related customers and design institutes in the industry, opening up a new situation for the overall promotion of the market competitiveness of the fan company.

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