Glass for Office Interiors

The humble office is a thing of the past. Today, offices are nothing short of a style statement. And glass for office interiors is playing a key role in this vital transformation.

From glamming up the interiors to bringing in functional uses, glass is becoming indispensable in designing the modern office.At Datasoft, in the prestigious TRIL’s Ramanujan IT City, Saint-Gobain’s coloured and lacquered glass – Planilaque Evolution – has marked its presence all over. 5800 sq.ft. of space was utilized by SGG Planilaque with its several applications.Thanks to its multifarious uses, Planilaque Evolution was the perfect choice as the glass for office interiors at Datasoft.

SGG Planilaque Evolution at Datasoft, TRIL’s Ramanujan IT City, Chennai - Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream

The Interior Design firm, Edifice Consultants, prudently capitalized on Planilaque’s attributes that fuse functionality with aesthetics. Across Datasoft, Planilaque was used extensively to panel walls, clad pillars, as writing boards and in the common areas, making glass for office interiors singularly stand out. The colours – Planilaque Extra White and Planilaque Titanium Gray – were used to live up to the corporate colour scheme.

Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream

So, what makes SGG Planilaque the ideal choice when it comes to using glass for office interiors? To start with installation, installing Planilaque is a breeze, without any complexities involved. Cleaning and maintaining it, is just as easy. It is moisture-resistant and scratch-proof, important aspects that materials used in the office need to comply with. What’s more, Planilaque is eco-friendly too; it contains only a negligible amount of VOC and is free from lead, arsenic, copper and formaldehyde. As for the colour palette, 15 attractive shades would leave anyone spoilt for choice.

Wall panelling, pillar cladding, writing boards…regular applications, but an unusual material like glass can totally redefine the mundane. At Datasoft, SGG Planilaque Evolution role as glass for office interiors is ample proof that all it takes is a revolutionary product to bring in the much-needed evolution in the office space…

Via Saint-Gobain Glass India Flickr Photostream

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