Glass for Europe: Informative paper on bird-friendly glass solutions

Glass for Europe: Informative paper on bird-friendly glass solutions
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Glass for Europe

Date: 29 May 2024

In its new informative paper, Glass for Europe introduces the issue of bird collisions with glass surfaces and the wide range of technologies developed by the flat glass industry to prevent them and preserve biodiversity.

Bird fatalities from collisions with glass are a growing cause for concern. Experts in the field estimate that millions of birds die each year in Europe because of collisions with glass. The issue has gained in importance due to the increased pressure on bird ecosystems, the decline of numerous bird populations and the expansion of cities. In reaction, the most concerned regional or local authorities have set requirements to ensure that buildings can prevent such fatalities.

The causes and correlations of when and why bird collisions occur are not fully understood. However, it is the transparency and reflectivity of glass which confuse birds which, like humans, orient themselves visually. Over the last decade, flat glass manufacturers proactively developed solutions to reduce collisions and preserve biodiversity. Bird friendly products mark the glass to ensure it is more visible or reflective to birds. These markings can be additional to the glazing thermal insulation and solar control properties. The collaboration with professional ornithologists and the strict testing methods ensures the efficiency of bird friendly products.

These products can be used in private homes or commercial buildings as part of new construction or as a retrofit to existing buildings. Furthermore, progress being made in special materials and coatings continue to expand the range of options available and to make these products more affordable.

Read more about the existing bird-friendly solutions here.

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