Duralux Ultra, a singularly brilliant innovation

A new product has been added to the Duralux family or, better, a new version of a highly-acclaimed mirror-backing paint.

Duralux is so well-known and such a favorite around the world that it needs no introduction.  But, since anything can be improved, the R&D team at the Fenzi labs has developed a new formulation that combines aesthetics, functionality and excellent performance in a particularly well-balanced blend.The new thermosetting paint, called DURALUX ULTRA, has naturally inherited all of the technical characteristics that have determined the success of the entire Duralux line, but the end result is even greater protection and durability over time than with the traditional Duralux paints.Furthermore, Duralux Ultra comes with an especially pleasing shine. This glossy effect is, at first glance, its most obvious difference. Applied on the silver and cross-linked in an infra-red oven at medium heat, it forms a protective coating that is especially resistant to scratches, lasts longer and has a very appealing and unique shine.

Duralux Ultra is manufactured in Italy at the company’s Tribiano plant; it is copper-free and comes in various colors, engineered to exalt its unusual gloss. This makes it possible to achieve the desired level of customization, considerably increasing the appeal of the end product and consequently, also its potential for sales.

Mirror-backing paints are a historic product for Fenzi -- the first production to run in the company’s first plant and the launch pad for its success in international markets. The superior quality of the Duralux range of mirror-backing paints makes them far and away the top selling, most well-known and popular in the world. However, the degree of excellence achieved, if it is to be maintained over time, requires ongoing adaptation to the changing needs that never stop transforming even the most well-established market. The new Duralux Ultra is the most recent step along the evolutionary timeline of a technically impeccable product. But Fenzi’s Research & Development division is already busy perfecting the next one.

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