Dow Corning: Silicones on the Skyline

Dow Corning silicones are used in many important ways. For example, they allow architects to build towering structures where sealants contribute to the mechanical strength of structurally glazed building fa‡ades.

Permasteelisa is an international leader and innovator in building facade fabrication and construction. In Permasteelisa's 122-year history, they have designed, produced, and installed more than 8.4 million square yards (7 million square meters) of external cladding, which covers more than 1,000 major architectural structures, including the European Parliament in Brussels, Canary Wharf in London, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and the U.O.B. Plaza in Singapore. Permasteelisa specifies Dow Corning sealants to assemble the glass and aluminum prefabricated elements that make up a building's external cladding.

Dow Corning sealants transfer the wind loads on the glass to the secured subframe, helping the building envelopes withstand winds of up to hurricane force and providing the flexibility required for building movement. Because silicone sealants don't deteriorate under ultraviolet light, the integrity of the structural bond is protected.

600450 Dow Corning: Silicones on the Skyline
Date: 28 February 2002
Source: Dow Corning

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