Dortech Becomes an Approved Applicator for RITEC!

We are delighted to announce that we have now become approved site applicators for RITEC low maintenance and glass renovation treatments.    Just as metal rusts, glass is subjected to a corrosion process caused by reactions between the glass surface and gases in the atmosphere.

Even a single droplet of moisture on unprotected glass can produce sufficient damage to be visible in good lighting.

Ritec's ClearShield surface treatment for glass is a polymeric resin and, when applied to ordinary glass, it cross-links to form a strong chemical bond.

ClearShield is completely transparent, chemically inert, non-hazardous and UV stable. Unlike a coating, ClearShield becomes part of the glass so will not peel, flake or crack.

The result is ClearShield Low-M® (Low-Maintenance) Glass that prevents contaminants from bonding to the surface and limits further damage caused by corrosion and chemical attack. Dirt can easily be removed using normal cleaning methods.

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600450 Dortech Becomes an Approved Applicator for RITEC!
Date: 5 March 2015

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