Dies Mr. Pasquale Meli, founder of SEVASA and pioneer of acid etched glass

Date: 12 October 2009
Source: Sevasa
Mr. Pasquale Meli, founder of the acid-etched glass company SEVASA and appreciated professional from art glass, died this last august 14th, at the age of 87 years old, after an illness.Born in Sicily in 1921, some of his artistical glasses are still seen at Catania and Malta island churches.

He was pioneer in decorating glass with acid-etch techniques at the 60's, in Italy first and Spain later.

In 1983 founded Sevasa in Barcelona, where he moved with his family, searching for new opportunities. His family, and specially Mr. Giuseppe Meli, who leaders the company since several years ago, notify this loss and remember the entrepreneur spirit of Mr. Pasquale.


600450 Dies Mr. Pasquale Meli, founder of SEVASA and pioneer of acid etched glass glassonweb.com
Date: 12 October 2009
Source: Sevasa

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