Design diversity with SatinDeco acid etched glass

Today designers are always looking for the ideal product to make their designs stand out; wherever possible a design needs to be unique.       New materials are a necessity but applying them correctly is equally as important to capture the essence of the idea and bring a design to life.

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Manufacturers of materials are always coming up with new and innovative products to meet the demands of designers; however amongst these products glass has always run the test of time.  Guardian’s SatinDeco is an acid etched glass which offers a perfectly uniform translucent appearance, unlike sand blasted glass, the patented method of acid erosion to removing a fine layer of the glass surface leaves the glass far more durable and uniform in appearance.  When viewed under a microscope the glass surface has rounded peaks which are evenly distributed across the surface, this makes it much more resistant to dirt and far less like to scratch or mark on contact than more traditional sand blasted glass.

SatinDeco can be used in many fixtures and fittings, helping to increase the feeling of space in a room as the glass allows light to travel deeper into the interior design.  Correctly specified, SatinDeco will help achieve additional credits in BREEAM and LEED.

Most recently SatinDeco is becoming the modern alternative to pattern glass, for many, pattern glass tends to look dated performing the required function of privacy in certain windows but not achieving the desired appearance.  SatinDeco performs this function with a clean and crisp feeling of uniform light which helps to brighten the room whilst also providing complete privacy.

Offering more design diversity, SatinDeco can be supplied in a variety of different finishes, it can be supplied mirrored to create space without overbearing reflection; light is reflected around the room creating a feeling of depth.  SatinDeco can also be supplied laminated with clear or coloured interlayer’s; this provides safety and security whilst it can also offer colour, creating a new dimension to a design.  Acoustic interlayer’s can also be used to help reduce sound in windows or partitioning for meeting rooms.

Available using clear or low iron glass, SatinDeco offers so much variety and design diversity, it is only limited by the designers ability to create their own unique applications.  For more information on SatinDeco acid etch glass visit

600450 Design diversity with SatinDeco acid etched glass
Date: 19 August 2013

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