Curved Glass: an Obstacle or an Opportunity in Glass Architechture?

What’s great about today’s technology is that it allows us to push the known limit to an exciting, unknown territory.

We can innovate, we can study, and we can create truly life-changing designs.  This is what we start to see in glass business in forms of curves and shapes in glass architecture.

And the world is ready for curved glass, as the latest architectural design trends suggest. We’re willing to include bent and curved glass and more innovative shapes in buildings.

By the way, if you’re interested in reading more about the current building trends, I recommend reading Jorma Vitkala’s latest blog on Glass Design Trends.

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600450 Curved Glass: an Obstacle or an Opportunity in Glass Architechture?
Date: 11 September 2015

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Stunning curved fenestration elements, supplied by Balconette, take full advantage of panoramic sea views at Art Deco-inspired seafront house at East Lothian on the north-east Scottish coast.
Inspired by the Fisher Brother’s vision, the designers at Handel Architects decided to highlight a glass tower featuring a curving glass façade.
Fabrication of the curving glass roof of the Chadstone shopping centre is no straightforward task.
7.19 metre-wide curved sliding door supplied and installed by Balconette
Curved switchable glass is an inspirational way to enhance a feature room. With its gentle curvature, it is pleasing to the eye and draws you in.
To meet the needs of curved glass, Wood’s Powr-Grip offers a concave style pads with a unique shape that allows the sealing edge to flex and shift while keeping a firm seal on the glass.

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