Coloured Smart Glass Tint – A Rising Trend in Interior Design

Coloured Smart Glass Tint – A Rising Trend in Interior Design
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Date: 27 January 2017

Switchable smart glass can be combined with coloured inter-layers to meet bespoke requirements.

Smart glass technology is rapidly gaining popularity in both commercial and residential interior design. Since it is highly customizable, it has a range of benefits for designers and enables incredible experimentation.

Designers aren’t just trialling the use of smart glass panels in different shapes and sizes. Switchable smart glass can also be combined with coloured inter-layers to meet bespoke requirements.

The colours available will vary from provider to provider, but one thing remains unanimous – the uses of tinted smart glass uses are as numerous as the benefits.


1. Incorporate brand colours

A company’s office or retail space is a direct representation of their brand, and so should be styled as such. Customize the design with brand colours by integrating a smart glass tint on the most prominent glass surfaces.

This allows businesses to display their pride in their brand, while also positioning themselves as creative and innovative market leaders. The glass can be customized so that the branded colour tint is only visible when the privacy mode of the glass is selected.

2. Experiment with patterns

Smart glass panels usually appears in one solid colour when in the opaque state but with colour customization this doesn’t need to be the case. Different colours can be chosen for each smart glass panel, allowing specific patterns to be created using the technology. Moreover, each individual panel can also have a patterned inter-layer installed, allowing each pane to serve as a stand-alone piece.

3. Complement current colour schemes

Selecting a smart glass tint which is contrasting or complementary to your current colour scheme can be the ideal way to finish a project. Installing a coloured smart glass window or screen demonstrates an incredible attention to detail, and allows every surface in the space to make an impact.

4. Create coloured smart glass roofs

Smart glass uses have long since evolved from simple window applications. Now entire roofs are being created using smart glass technology. Using tinted smart glass in roof design can enrich the natural colours of the sky. Choosing a subtle sky blue, bright turquoise or even a bronze tint can enhance the tones of nature in your design, all while creating a unique installation.

5. Enhance smart glass floors

Smart glass floors enhance a modern design aesthetic and open up interiors. However, smart privacy glass usually transforms to a plain white colour for the opaque mode, which isn’t complimentary for all design styles. Customizing the colour of the glass allows designers to choose a darker shade, which appears more like a typical floor when required.

6. Changing weather, changing colours

Since electric smart glass is available with solar controls, the colour transitions of the glass can be even further customized. The glass can be manufactured to change colour with the weather, automatically moving to darker colours as the level of sunlight fades.

Plus, solar controls have the added benefit of making a building more energy efficient, as it reduces their need for lighting, heating and air-conditioning systems at the same time.

What coloured tints are privacy smart glass available in?

Though it depends on the smart glass company, the glass is available in a variety of colours. Currently Smartglass International can supply panes in blue, green, bronze and grey tints. However, solar smart glass is always supplied in a blue tint and cannot currently be customised in other colours.

600450 Coloured Smart Glass Tint – A Rising Trend in Interior Design

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