BOC Group: Flying squad takes safety to North Sea platforms

Guildford UK, 31 August 2006 - A team of BOC facilities managers is taking to the air to enhance safety in the offshore industry - ensuring industrial gas and equipment on North Sea gas and oil installations is properly handled, fit for use and efficient.

The team is based at the hub of the UK’s offshore industry covering Aberdeen, Humberside and Great Yarmouth. All are just a short helicopter flight away from any of their customers’ offshore installations and can be called out at a moment’s notice - vital in the event of an emergency on these outposts of industry.

BOC has been serving the UK’s gas and oil extraction facilities in the North Sea for over 20 years. The leading provider of industrial, special and medical gases to the sector, BOC’s offshore team is the first in the UK to regularly visit offshore facilities.

Travelling to a platform allows facilities managers to carry out vital safety inspections of gas cylinders and related equipment - identifying out of date analytical gases, regulators that need replacing or cylinders not used for a long time. Inspections are also an opportunity for the facilities managers to conduct gas safety awareness courses - specially designed for the offshore industry – and delivered onboard the platform.

BOC’s offshore team is led by account manager, Colin Newton: “The safety of the broad range of industrial gases and gas control equipment provided by BOC underpins the relationship we have with our customers. Gas and oil extraction brings with it a host of unique risks and we know from our offshore customers that they value the expert safety advice our facilities managers can provide.”

Said Newton: “There is so much for BOC and the customer to learn from a facilities manager visiting a platform. While it may be possible to serve the offshore industry remotely, the unique knowledge and experience of our facilities managers enhances the service we provide and adds value to our customers’ operations.”

BOC’s continued focus on gases safety has other benefits for customers. In a tightly defined platform environment safety is enhanced by pin-point control of gases stock and the efficient use of gas and equipment. Facilities managers take advantage of platform visits to analyse gas usage and audit cylinder holdings and according to Newton, this can provide valuable cost savings for the customer.

“A hands-on audit combined with detailed data analysis will give a clear picture of how gas is being used and by understanding the patterns over an extended period, we can help our customer to get the most out of their gas and equipment. Where for example, we see cylinders that have not been used for a long time there is an immediate opportunity to reduce a customer’s cylinder rental costs.”

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600450 BOC Group: Flying squad takes safety to North Sea platforms
Date: 1 September 2006

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