AGC’s ATTOCH™ (PV Module Type) Adopted for the First Time in Japan for Kirin Yokohama Beer Village

ATTOCH™ glass was first adopted for use in Japan for the tasting room at Kirin Yokohama Beer Village, Yokohama City.

ATTOCH is low-emissivity (Low-E) glass for energy-saving window renovations of office buildings and its GIPV (Glass Integrated Photovoltaic) module type is equipped with a PV power generation function. The product was installed as part of the project to popularize and expand the use of thin film solar cell modules, promoted by Kanagawa prefecture.

The Japanese government made a cabinet decision in 2015 requiring large buildings with a total floor area of 2,000m2 or more to comply with "2013 Energy-Saving Standards". With momentum growing to promote energy savings, moves to improve the energy-saving performance of existing buildings through renovations are increasing. At the same time, energy creation, as well as energy savings, are attracting increasing attention.

Kirin Yokohama Beer Village underwent a renovation designed to make it an energy conservation factory as it marked the milestone 90th anniversary of the start of operations. Its tasting room has large-aperture windows and faces southwest, which exposes it to strong sunlight and increases the interior temperature.

ATTOCH (GIPV Moduletype) was adopted to improve the interior comfort. The product has a heat-shielding function as well as a photovoltaic power-generation function that creates energy, while securing a wide field of view from the windows.

 ATTOCH™ (GIPV Module-type) installed

In addition to its energy-saving and energy-creation functions, ATTOCH is highly valued for the following features:

  1. ATTOCH can be installed from inside a room, so no scaffolding is required, which reduces the renovation work period and costs;
  2. Installing ATTOCH takes only a short time per window, enabling installation work to be done at any time of the day or night without disrupting business operations; and,
  3. ATTOCH is a solution against both heat transmission in summer and cold air in winter, and its heat-insulation feature prevents dew condensation, providing interior comfort.

By choosing different types of glass, ATTOCH can be equipped with additional functions, such as crime prevention and image projection. The product adopted by Kirin Yokohama Beer Village is equipped with a PV power-generation function.

Under its management policy AGC plus, the AGC Group is committed to contributing to safety, security, and comfort around the world by developing and providing products that achieve energy savings and bring comfort to people’s lives.

Reference Information

Project to Popularize and Expand the Use of Thin Film Solar Modules This project is supported by Kanagawa Prefecture to promote the introduction of renewable energy, centering on sunlight. It was launched in 2014 as part of the Kanagawa Smart Energy Initiatives. The prefectural government solicits proposals for projects installing developed products using thin film solar cell modules to the roofs and walls of buildings, road and railroad embankments, and light-shielding blinds, etc., and provides subsidies to selected projects. Please refer to the following website for details:

600450 AGC’s ATTOCH™ (PV Module Type) Adopted for the First Time in Japan for Kirin Yokohama Beer Village
Date: 27 April 2016

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