5 Creative Uses of Switchable Privacy Glass in Retail & Hospitality

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Switchable privacy glass is taking the design world by storm. The retail and hospitality sectors are even embracing the trend, finding incredibly smart ways to incorporate switchable privacy glass into the design of stores, outlets, bars and restaurants.

Switchable privacy glass satisfies customer demand for new and exciting experiences, helping companies gain a reputation for forward thinking design.The following are just five creative uses of switchable privacy glass in retail and hospitality design.


1. Dressing rooms

Retailers can revolutionise changing room design by installing switchable privacy glass as door panels, which fades to transparent when changing rooms are unoccupied. Customers can press a button in their changing rooms to change the glass from opaque to clear, in case they want to show off an outfit to a friend. Featuring switchable glass in retail dressing rooms can really complement an innovative, high end retail store design.

2. Bathroom cubicles

One way to make sure your store, bar or restaurant is remembered is by installing switchable smart glass in the bathroom cubicles. Many establishments are now using switchable privacy glass panels in bathroom cubicles to increase their guests’ privacy, as well as serving as an attractive design feature which can help to maximise use of space.

3. Divider Walls

Whether it’s dividing a restaurant into a bar and dining areas, or cordoning off VIP areas, switchable smart glass can enable restaurant and bar owners to make the most of their space. Bars and restaurants can use the opaque mode to create an intimate bar area, while retaining the option of turning it transparent and opening up the space. This also allows such establishments to entertain VIPs who require privacy, making their bar more attractive to high-end clientele.

Switchable glass can also be used just as effectively as a divider wall between different sections of a retail store. It lends itself particularly well in multi-brand retail outlets.

4. Canvas for advertising content

Smart glass can also provide a canvas for your branding and advertising content. Promotional videos or images can be projected onto the glass, making your very building an advertisement. When Privacy Smartglass is in the opaque state, it acts as a high-definition rear projection screen further elevating your switchable glass panels or partitions into a stunning design feature. Our Guinness Storehouse project is an excellent example of how switchable glass can be used as an effective media display screen.

Switchable glass allows for standard walls to be transformed into immersive multimedia displays that engage and wow your audience. Retail stores can cycle the glass from transparent to opaque, projecting images for an exciting, eye-catching display that engages passing consumers.

5. Roofing

Smart glass is also a fantastic choice of roofing material, allowing scenery and the night sky to be admired from your establishment. Retail and hospitality environments can use switchable privacy glass to allow customers to take in breath-taking views while shopping, dining or relaxing.

We hope this helps inspire your usage of switchable privacy glass in the retail and hospitality industries. For more information on how switchable glass can enhance your projects, contact Smartglass Intl today.

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