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United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Established in 1972, Adelco is a world-class manufacturer of Jet Air Conveyor Drying Systems and Oval Automatic Screen Printing Presses serving the International garment printing industry. Our worldwide distribution network provides Customers with full sales and service support across 6 Continents.
Turkey | Manufacturer
More than 30 years experienced in the field of flat glass and low-iron glass processing like tempering , all kinds of edge processing,screen printing,custom cutting,bevelling etc.
Taiwan | Manufacturer
Established more than 25 years, design and manufacture of engineering systems for the glass industry. Packaging, storage, tempering, bending and equipment.
United States | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of optical flat glass components used in the office automation, display, lcd, and medical industries.
Bulgaria | Manufacturer
Varnishing of glassware, screen printing with ceramic and UV inks, moulds for glass bottles, cork stoppers.
United States | Manufacturer
Engineered Glass Products (EGP) is the global leader in specialized glass coatings and heated glass technology. We have a reputation for consistently delivering the highest quality glass at the most competitive prices; always on time.
United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Manufacturers of glass components to the furniture industry.
| Manufacturer
Discover, through our various achievements, the services we can offer. glass painting, screen printing, glass cutting, glass collage ... We bring you solutions that fit your projects and your needs (aesthetics, technical ...).
Australia | Manufacturer
Glasskote is a family business with its origins starting in 1960. Starting off as a family business in the process of hand silvering and applying painted marble technique to glass the fundamental process of glass painting was formed. With over forty years of applying many hundreds of patterns, colours and techniques to glass, GlassKote is the…
| Manufacturer
Professional equipment for screen printing stencil preparation: WashingDeveloping, Decoating, Grinding, Coating, Drying, Stretching.
Germany | Manufacturer
The development of new technical possibilities of glass design in co-operation with well-known artists is the main idea of mago-glas.
Italy | Manufacturer
Production of screen printing machines (manual, semiautomatic, 3/4 automatic, automatic), dryers (hot+cold air, IR, UV) and handling systems(feeders, stackers, in line conveyor belts, robots). Lines to produce acid etch glasses.
Italy | Manufacturer
Screen printing machines manufactoring company for flat glass, we produce oven and equipment for screen, also we sell a second hand machines totaly recharge whit guaranteed.
United States | Industry service
SGCD is the association of companies that decorate glass and ceramicware. SGCD offers annual technical exhibition, seminars and regulatory monitoring.
United Kingdom | Distributor
New and used screen printing machinery supplier.