Glass Milling
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United States | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of optical flat glass components used in the office automation, display, lcd, and medical industries.
China | Manufacturer
Flextech provides online automatic glass processing machines for glass processors all over the world. we manufacture the online glass drilling and online glass corner grinding machines(through scanning the barcode) , and machines sold to Italy, Spain, USA, Korea, Egypt, Poland, Malaysia ect.
United States | Manufacturer
Precision machine shop specializing in the high speed machining and finishing of complex 3D surfaces. Best known for its mold production for the glass industry.
United States | Distributor
Machines and Wheels, Inc. has been a trusted and recognized name in the glass industry for more than twenty-five years. We are based in High Point, North Carolina where we sell the highest quality tooling and equipment backed with our unmatched service and support.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Okandan Glass is engaged in production and sales of insulating glass units, glass works including edging, beveling, engraving, milling, writing and drilling.
Italy | Manufacturer
SCHIAVO produce glass processing machine such as vertical and horizontal washing machines, milling machines, storage systems, cutting tables and drilling machines.
Italy | Manufacturer
Glass working machines vertical drilling and milling, arrissing with wheels and sandblasting.
Spain | Distributor
Distributor of machinery, tools and accessories for the glass industry. Specialized in high end equipment such as tempering furnaces, laminating lines and waterjet machines.
Lithuania | Manufacturer
Our company is processor of flat glass and mirror. We manufacture various glass products including mirrors, glass doors, glass partition walls, glass tables, sliding doors, balcony systems and other.