Glass Milling
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Italy | Manufacturer
SCHIAVO produce glass processing machine such as vertical and horizontal washing machines, milling machines, storage systems, cutting tables and drilling machines.
China | Manufacturer
Foshan Flextech Glass Technologies Co., Ltd. Focus on glass processing machines, products including glass online drilling machines, glass corner online grinding machine series, Glass online CNC processing center and other automatic machines.
Italy | Manufacturer
Bavelloni is a brand that made the history of flat glass grinding equipment. Since 1946, we have constantly supported innovation, understood as developing new products and production methods that can improve our customer’s results in terms of productivity and efficiency.
Italy | Manufacturer
Bovone Diamond Tools is the Sister Company of Elettromeccanica Bovone. We produce a wide range of diamond tools for all machinery brands: cup wheels, polishing wheels for arris, routers and tools for CNC machines, drills. We also provide cerium oxide, felts and some more accessories for processing.
Canada | Distributor
Our company is specialized in glass machineries, glass tools, glass accessories, and consulting services to the glass industry in Canada.
United States | Manufacturer
Manufacturer of optical flat glass components used in the office automation, display, lcd, and medical industries.
United States | Manufacturer
Precision machine shop specializing in the high speed machining and finishing of complex 3D surfaces. Best known for its mold production for the glass industry.
United States | Distributor
Machines and Wheels, Inc. has been a trusted and recognized name in the glass industry for more than twenty-five years. We are based in High Point, North Carolina where we sell the highest quality tooling and equipment backed with our unmatched service and support.
Turkey | Manufacturer
Okandan Glass is engaged in production and sales of insulating glass units, glass works including edging, beveling, engraving, milling, writing and drilling.
Italy | Manufacturer
We specialize in the field of drilling machines with single or multi-heads,both horizontal and vertical,and to complete our production range, also drilling lines, not only for glass decoration and construction,but also for the glass for photovoltaic systems and also for the earth moving machine ind.
Germany | Manufacturer
RS technology − since 1932, we have been developers, partners and manufacturers of glass finishing machines for the flat glass processing industry.
Italy | Manufacturer
Glass working machines vertical drilling and milling, arrissing with wheels and sandblasting.
Spain | Distributor
Distributor of machinery, tools and accessories for the glass industry. Specialized in high end equipment such as tempering furnaces, laminating lines and waterjet machines.
Italy | Manufacturer
ADI and RBM solutions for glass derive from historic vocations.From their beginnings, the 2 companies identified a core focus in the development of a range of advanced and exclusive tools.It is precisely thanks to this strategy that Surfaces Group enjoys a position of leadership also in this sector.
Lithuania | Manufacturer
Our company is processor of flat glass and mirror. We manufacture various glass products including mirrors, glass doors, glass partition walls, glass tables, sliding doors, balcony systems and other.