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Wrightstyle Ltd. | United Kingdom | Manufacturer
Curtain wall & roof glazing systems by Wrightstyle. We are unique in being the only global provider, of complete and guaranteed high performance steel and glass façade systems, offering total solutions for complex architectural designs.
Consolidated Glass Holdings- CGH | United States | Manufacturer
J.E. Berkowitz, Solar Seal and Columbia Commercial Building Products, part of Consolidated Glass Holdings, Inc. family of companies, can offer you support with our wide-range of product offerings.
J.E. Berkowitz | United States | Manufacturer
Our product line of Invisiwall® Glass Systems offers the beauty and visibility of glass in an attractive All-Glass Door and Entrance, Interior Office Space, Glass Canopy, Point-Supported Glass application, Shower Enclosure, Glass Balcony, and Handrail.
Tvitec | Spain | Manufacturer
TVITEC manufacture has Insulating Glass Units under “ISOLAR” trade mark and according with the most important National Rules. The Double Glazing Units (DGU) and Triple Glazing Units (TGU) are available in dimensions up to 12.000 x 3210 mm and even offers the possibility to integrate smart coating able to meet the necessity of the current market.
J.E. Berkowitz | United States | Manufacturer
Lead-free colored ceramic frit spandrel is applied with an on-line roller coater and fire-fused to the interior surface of the substrate glass (second surface) to create an environmentally safe Envirospan™ opaque panel.
POLFLAM Sp. z o.o. | Poland | Manufacturer
POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass makes facades of extraordinary transparency and excellent performance features.
sedak GmbH & Co. KG | Germany | Manufacturer
sedak insulating glass includes the largest and thickest insulating glass units in the world in addition to proven double and triple glazing. We manufacture units up to 20 m (787 in) long with multiple laminations multiply glazed. We can additionally supply insulating glass units with steps up to 700 mm (27 1/2 in) on the bottom edge, for an esthetically advantageous composition with minimum joint thickness.
sedak GmbH & Co. KG | Germany | Manufacturer
sedak safety glass by sedak is produced exclusively under clean-room conditions using the vacuum bagging method. The result is 100% lamination quality without bubbles or contamination.